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NL500 live


Experiment    1

Dear all,


I encountered a strange situation yesterday at a live 5/5 table and I would like some insight.


The context :


My stack : 1050$

Villain's stack : 780$


There is a straddle 10$ and the table is quite passive with a lot of call and limping. I am not that use to live play so all those limps are a bit odd to me. However, in this hand, everyone folded to me on the button. I raise 30$ with QJo. The small blind fold, the big blind call and the straddle fold. I know that the big blind is a regular. I went there five times over the past week and he was there constantly but I rarely play vs him. He does seem like a bad reg though. (pot : 75$)


The flop come K53 rainbow. He checks and I think this is a good board to cbet. I do so and raise 40$, he calls.  (pot 155$)


Turn is a J. He checks again and I opt to check back, keeping the pot small. (pot 155$)


The river is another J. He lead for 80$. I raise 215$. He thought for a very long time and raise all in with his remaining 630$ which make the pot 1070$ and I have 415$ to put in for a call. I thought for a while and assume that he will definitely 3bet me hands like KK and AJ pre flop  It is quite unlikely that he has KJ as I have a J myself. So basically I am left with 5s or 3s. This is maybe an idiot thinking on my part, but the fact that everyone (full 9 table) fold quickly in a usually limped table make me think that some 5 and 3 are likely to be folded.


Then I observed him for over a minute and his neck pulls did not stop. I know that it usually slow down with nuts or very strong hand. I also need, mathematically to be right 40% of the time to make the call and after long consideration I make the call. He showed ATo and I take the pot.


He tilted so much, insulting me for a while and tell me there is no way he doesn't have a full house in this spot. I did not reply but I wondered about for a while about this hand and would like your thought on this ?


Also, I wonder for the next time I go there if I should tilt him by reminding of this as he lost another 500$ quickly after that, definitely because of tilt.


Best regards

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I think all that happened here is he put you on a K and that's what you represented to have. He then somehow reasoned it a possibility that his range included a J and went for a double barrel bluff.


I don't know what else you would think about this hand.

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