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Buy Venom ticket - $2350 OBO

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krise24    0

Hi everyone. I have multiple venom tickets (1 ticket = $2650 value) and would like to sell at least one. I'm already registered and will play as you can't play and transfer tickets unless you have multiple. It's been a long time since I've done any trades on here but have a history and people could contact/verify. Since ACR facilitates ticket and cash transfers, I will trade only for ACR cash. I play a lot on ACR as "AAnoob" so keeping cash is good. 


It would require both of us to send the same email stipulating the trade terms that way they could reverse transactions if any issues arise. Half the agreed upon price for the ticket must be sent to me before the ticket is sent. Once cash is received through player transfers, ACR will transfer the ticket to the other user, and the other user will have to send the rest of the ticket payment to me through player transfer. Let me know if you're interested as this helps me see if I should keep trying to earn additional tickets. I want to have a few bullets, but extra tickets are useless beyond day 1. Feel free to PM me, real buyers only, Thanks!

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