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Best VPN for gambling online

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I'm planning to buy a VPN (cause it's the only secure way to access online gambling sites while being abroad, where gambling is restricted). To sum up, you can route your internet connection through a server in your country, or a country with more permissive laws. This means that you can then access online websites without being blocked because of your location. 

My question is - have you ever used VPN for gambling/betting? Have you got any recommendations regarding VPN?

I've made a research, and the most recommended (according comparitech and proprivacy) are NordVPN and ExpressVPN. The first one is cheaper (with a discount "extra3y" costs  ~2 bucks) and the second one costs ~8 bucks.

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Hi, based on my personal experience... I've just started playing again after 4 years, since laws were introduced to my country banning online betting/gambling... I had no other choice than start using a vpn... and honestly, it has given me back a lot of enjoyment and as I only play micro stakes I'm not concerned about withdrawing... I was sceptical at first (especially after reading some opinions), but after some research I decided to try it out and I really glad about that. I haven't mentioned that I use 'Nord vpn'. I guess there are lots of other good options, but they usually have a promo to get a multiple year deal + their servers are fast and the app is just enjoyable to use... good luck! 

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It's true, by rating (and I also use them) the best VPNs for gambling are NordVPN and ExpressVPN (this one is more flexible). Also, I found another good alternative for beginners, it is CyberGhost VPN. Well, the budget option is Surfshark.

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I have been using Anydesk/Teamviewer and a pc in another country, so I could play at microgaming casinos.
Would using a program like that be a viable option for you?

One negative of this method is that It can sometimes be a bit slow ( it is still a million x faster than TOR, but that isn't saying much, since TOR is slower than a snail on Sodium Pentothal).

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