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Was this played badly?


I was playing the WSOP Circuit main event in Chicago and after I busted and my friends asked what happened, I got slammed. My question is how should I have played it or was my play just a poker miss? 


Ok so we were in the money. The average stack was 280k and the blinds were 3k/6k/6k. There were 117 left out of 1065. I was BB and had a stack of 192k after having lost approximately 75k in a hand about 8 hands ago(non relevant information (I think)). 


I get dealt A(d) 6(c) on the bb. UTG + 1 (aggressive big stack) makes it 15k to go and it folds around to me. I flat and see a flop of 2(h) 5(d) 6(d). After flopping top, top I decide to check. My opponent fires out 27k and I decide to flat it to see the 7(d). I then shove my 150k into the middle. My opponent tanks forever and calls with 8(d) 8(h). The river is 9(h) and I brick out and lose to his straight (8,8 was obviously enough). 


Advice anywhere is accepted but my true question is should I have checked the turn and then what? Fold if he c bets? Would he have checked the turn? 

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I think you check call the turn and let it go when he blasts the pot on the river.  There were little cards all over this board but they were coordinated after the turn. Further, I always look at spots like this and ask "is this the hand I wanna take a stand with"? I'd never find a shove in this spot since I don't know where he's at,  at all. 



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To be honest with you, I don't like calling OOP against with a weak ace against a capable Lag. I assume if you hit an ace you would stack off with it. I think folding in this spot is the optimal play with 30 bbs left. Take spots in position with any hand is more plus EV, than calling with a weak ace in BB vs a Lag with 30 bbs. 


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Yeah vs a 2.5x I think folding pre is good and calling A8o+.


Check call flop for sure and check call turn as well. The villain may slow down on the turn since the diamonds came in but you probably check with nut flushes so you should check the nut flushdraw as well. If the villain checks back you can bet river and it's a more credible line than just donk shoving turn since you probably don't play the nut flush like that and shouldn't.

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