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Bizzy's Deepstack Extravaganza II staking package

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I am selling my action for the upcoming Deepstack Extravaganza II at the Venetian. The total value of the package is $10,050.00. I am asking that interested backers purchase a minimum of 1% at $100.50. I will be asking to have paperwork completed and returned to me before any winnings are distributed so that I can provide backers with a 1099 form for tax liabilities. Stake back is guaranteed prior to any winnings being distributed. No makeup is being offered. Any tournaments not played or re-buys that are not used will be refunded. Winnings will be split 50/50 based on a backers vested interest in the package.


The list of events I plan to enter including re-buys are:

  • Event #1 $250 x3
  • Event #3 $400 x3
  • Event #7 $200 x3
  • Event #11 $400 x6 (two flights - Day 1A & 1B)
  • Event #17 $200 x3
  • Event #19 $300 x1 (Freeze out)
  • Event #21 $400 x6 (two flights - Day 1A & 1B)
  • Event #27 $200 x3
  • Event #31 $400 x3

Even though I have calculated re-buys into the package please note that this does not mean that I will be using all of the budgeted re-buys.


For anyone interested in purchasing a piece of my action, I will be keeping track of all games played, losses, and winnings on tasty stakes. All updates will be provided via Email. You can find my package on tasty stakes here - https://tastystakes.com/packages/deepstack-extravaganza-ii-criminal-bizzy-1576207437


I am accepting payments via PayPal, Zelle, in person when possible, and via Crypto currency. Please make sure to include enough funds to cover any transaction fees that might be associated with the service you choose to use.


Currently there is 85% of the package still available for sale. This package will be closing January 26th, 2020

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