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***Official Lord Emperor Donald J Trump 4th Year and Re-election Thread***

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1 minute ago, littleze said:

you don’t want to bet 50k.


trying to be nice since you have provided so much entertainment over the years.


If you really want to bet we can talk.

He bitched out the other day, Kowboy was going to send him $3k to hold for a bag of $48k cash.  I almost posted to tell him not to do anything stupid..... then I stopped because I wanted to see the carnage.  

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5 minutes ago, Charles Vane said:

Stop it, none of these fringe tards are good for any amount over 50 bucks on this stupid as fuck bet.


Not a chance in hell I see little dipshits 100 bucks.

I will pay if I lose, it’s $100 lol 


how dare you tarnish my name! 

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14 minutes ago, truesyalose said:

Wow the rumors of Hacker joining OTifa could be true.. leets adds him on LinkedIn and the transition is complete. Behind the scenes deals going down as we speak.


Hey chill out...we're good here.  Hacker is still batshit insane and you're still deranged.  But am I mentally ill?  Idk...who cares?  I'm on your team now whether you like it or not.

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1 hour ago, JB said:

Current line is somehow down to 10-1. 


After a few days of back and forth with kowboy, hes out. 


Like im fully willing to lay like $50k on this and i cant get a single one of these trump fans to give me any decent action lol.  


No real confidence behind all this talk. 



wait a minute now lol. what happened exactly? i said put a 1 business week limit on me to get it sent at 15-1. then i said id sent more than agreed, bc of the any amount comment. within 48 hours the amount was deemed to be too much, and odds got slashed to 10-1. 



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So the announcement of a vaccine comes out the first business day after Biden declared winner. 

This antibody medicine is also approved the first business day after Biden declared winner 





Sounds to me like the medical companies are playing with peoples lives, delayed it for fiscal reasons, delayed it for political reasons or all of the above. 

I imagine they make announcements even if Trump won. 

But for both to do it the first business day after the president is declared. 

It’s not a coincidence 

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