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Deposit and withdraw issue in Thailand

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Hello everyone,


Really sorry if the subject has been written already but I have an issue for playing on pokerstars.com from Thailand. I am French (restricted country for playing on .com) and now travelling through South East Asia. I wanted to play on the pokerstars.com so I created a new account but my VISA Card is blocked in all the deposit solutions proposed..


Do you faced the same issues? What could be a solution for putting money on my account? Because apparently my Debit Card will not let me put money on Online International Companies / Accounts ...


Thank you so much in advance for your kind help :)

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It is really common to encounter these problems with websites like Pokerstars or GG, if you travelling and you really need to play online i would recommend club based apps(X-Poker, PPPoker, PokerBros, etc) since the person(agent) can send you the transfer in whatever payment methods you want.

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Hi. I am from Eastern Europe and can not play online poker without having problems with banks. Then i created bitcoin wallet and also skrill which i use with debit card.


I do not deposit directly to sites like pokerstars, because are full of sharks and in my country i have ridiculous cashout fees for currency exchange.


Instead, i tried these guys . They find me room or these trendy poker clubs and i deposit. Then when i cashout i contact same guys and usually happens within 24 hours. In some clubs it takes once a week. Overall i am content because can play from my country and also compete against amateurs instead of sharks like on GG Poker, Pokerstars or PartyPoker.



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