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Calling half your stack in this spot


Vetstadium    0

Top 30 pay , field of 240. About 60 left you have 80 BB with AK off ( 9th in chips if you win this hand you are chip leader). If you lose end up like 18th in chips.  You min raise UTG plus 1  and villain shoves half you stack from  mid position. Not many reads on villain recently moved to the table.

  Do you fold and look for better spot or is this too strong to fold? Thanks.

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samgreek    1

It depends mostly on the player tendencies of the tournament. So, with no reads, I'd wait for a better spot if the field is easy and I can take advantage of my skill wagering those chips on multiple hands/streets of play than gambling it in one single call. On a higher buy-in tournament, a solid reg would rarely splash his chips like that with a monster and with the rest of the table being tough regs, I'd be more likely to give it a shot.

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