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ACR has Cheaters

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I have been playing Blitz poker on ACR .25/.50. I got word from a buddy there were cheaters/bots whatever you want to call them. I told him no way they are to strict now on these sites. But playing the past couple days I have noticed a player that goes by the name of Quixotic1992 be a little strange. In blitz poker you go table to table very fast and on more then 10 occasions I have been at his table we both folded and go to the next table

together yet his money changes and changes drastically. He will be at 130 dollars then we go to the next table and he’s at 70 dollars. Again more then 10 times I have seen his money drastically change in such a short time span that it’s not possible. I have never seen him play a big hand, yet his money is changing so drastically so fast. I am not sure why this is happening or how it benefits ACR but I am absolutely positive something is going on. Play blitz poker for .25/.50 on ACR, Quixotic1992 is ALWAYS on and I can garuntee you will see him and see what I am talking about. 

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