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Pokerstars won't complete withdrawal

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Mubday    2

I submitted a withdrawal request from Pokerstars in December 2018 and they still haven't processed it. The transaction went off my radar for a period but I have been trying to contact them for a month now and they are not responding. I don't see why there is an issue as it's a direct bank transfer to an account that hasn't changed. The 'Pending Withdrawals' section of my 'Cashier' states "The highlighted transactions are currently being reviewed and cannot be cancelled". 


Does anyone have any advice on how to get them to release my money? I've tried contacting Pokerstars via the 'Contact Us' submissions box and I've also written to paymentservices [at] starsaccount [dot] uk  and cashier [at] starsaccount [dot] uk but they are not responding. 

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WarGeneral    1

Yeah bud I am have a similar problem with Americas Cardroom, it sucks that they make it really hard on us...You would THINK  these poker sites are making money Hand over fist and that payouts wouldn't be a big deal,but apparently these SItes feel they can blow us customers off...I know Poker Bros you can get the money real fast,but there tournament selection is really low....

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get a skrill account, you will get the money in 10 minutes. Then in skrill account you can create a virtual mastercard so you can either use the money shopping or upload it into Revolut if you have one. this way you can go to the atm in 15 minutes 

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MalYoung1    0

On 9/7/2020 at 5:47 PM, MalYoung1 said:

My friend and I were also always fond of poker and gambling in general. I was always afraid and thought that poker was something illegal, but then he showed me this site W88 . And I decided to give it a try, and realized that it was absolutely legal and even interesting. My friend and I play every weekend there, my personal favorite is dice. I am always lucky in this game. But it is also necessary not to play too much, otherwise you can lose all the money that you have earned. 🙂


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