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Geolocation issues not resolved by support.

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Ealerp    0

Every time I attempt to log into my pa PokerStars account I get the same message Unable to verify your location). I’ve tried logging in on 3 devices, same problem. I tried using my WiFi network, someone else’s WiFi network, and my cellular network as well. Same problem. I email support and make them aware of this and they give me the generic trouble shooting advice. Restart my internet, clear cache, uninstall and reinstall app etc. still same problem. I email them again and they insist it’s a “local internet issue that will resolve itself in time”. I’m convinced this is a problem on their end as I’ve taken the steps I’ve previously mentioned but they are unable to help. Also I should add that I was able to log into other apps requiring geolocation such as Unibet just fine. Does anyone know what my problem may be or how to fix it? 

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