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ACR has done away with the ability to show your cards at the end of hand

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This sucks!  All players who have cards as a hand ends should be able to show their cards to the table if they so choose.  As we all know that sometimes it is strategic to show a bluff or to show a big hand.  This hurts the game.  They explained it by saying "casinos are doing it"  which is nonsense.   

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Actually, I think u got it backwards!

They won’t let u muck.

That’s fkd up too.  I mean,

So, used to, if u mucked a hand, this pos actually provided that info.

Think about it!  Really.  Oh but that’s not a rig, lol

Why the fk cant we play a ol poker site that actually tries to offer a real, live experience?

When u play live & muck, that sht dont go no where!  IT’S FKN MUCKED!!!!!

WPN, well 1st its like (some of u can go here & get dat shit)

THEN, they are like, “FK it, that too much trouble, lets just let it be available immediately to EVERYONE”

(Think Bovada/Ignition)

How about this, you muck a hand, NO ONE SEES IT!!!!!!

Yeah, that’s just me, sry

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So, right now, I’m in some 3kgtd thing.  Playing well, Stacked up, cards are never a factor for me, cause I ruin bad.  BUT I’m 2nd stack.  And this pos (WPN) is exposing every showdown I’m winning!



I cant play the Venom sht but curious.  Are there players competing in a 7MM that have ALL their showdown cards exposed?

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Look, I have issues, i get that, but are/is there anyone that is struggling with how fkd up this is?  Again, I’m not playing the 7milly thing, but are they actually playing this same trash I am?  I’d be kinna even more pissed if I was in anything for $2500 & the dealer was saying “Hey, here’s what he mucked”

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On 8/3/2020 at 11:27 AM, Cabo said:

I asked ACR why they did this and they responded:   "This is a new trend used in live casinos for muck cards that we are adopting as well."

BS. I've played at casinos all over the country for over a decade, and never seen a casino force you to show your hand.

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