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GG Poker Insurance issue

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killabee24    0

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Anyone familiar with GG Poker and how they let you buy insurance?


Typical I always buy insurance to protect myself in situations like this but for some reason it was not offered in this hand and I cannot figure out why.  I have been in multiples situations that played out exactly like this, all in on the flop and my opponent needed runner runner, only to grab some outs on the turn and then insurance was offered to me like it should be.  I even saved pictures of those hands as well for GG's support to compare to.


Anyways, I emailed support asking why I was not offered insurance as I feel I should of been and think it's an error on their end that they did not, and feel I should be compensated in some way for it.  But they are not getting back to me.


Based on their rules on the sites, this should of qualified, not to mention like I said I've been in this situation multiple times to a T and offered insurance


Here is there rules on it:


All-In Insurance is available to you when all of the following conditions are met:

  • You are the favorite to win the pot when you go all-in
  • The total pot is at least 10 times the amount of the big blind
  • There are 14 or fewer outs that your opponent can catch to beat you
  • There are only two players remaining in the hand


So what gives??


Added a second photo where i WAS offered insurance and it was pretty much the exact same scenario on every street



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killabee24    0

GG Poker responded, and told me 10 outs or less to get the insurance.  which is complete bs.  ive had countless hands with more than 10 outs that got offered insurance, not to mention it LITERALLY says right on their OWN site 14 outs or less.  I replied to them to let them know that but i Know i'll never get a response

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