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Angela Lopes

Suggestions needed! Which poker app do you use?

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21 hours ago, Angela Lopes said:

Hello! I'm new to poker! I would like to ask where do you guys play poker? I prefer play on mobile. I've tried pp, bros and rrr. Do you guys have others recommendations? Thanks!!!


PPPoker, Pokerbros and X-Poker, but so far the new app X-Poker is killing it 😄 totally recommend it

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ipoker's and natural 8's apps are nice. 👍


bwin party is so freaking tilting and annoying. Sounds like a very low or light whip cracking when it is my turn to act in tournaments. Meanwhile they have implemented all of these options such as flinging poo at an opponent that are very loud. It might be fun and funny if i could actually see it, but i cant even do that because its on a newer or different version of the app or PC version. Lord knows.


oh yeah and i forgot the most important thing haha. In some insane event. If you miss one hand. It automatically folds all your hands for the tournament unless you log out and back in again. Ive told support this for the last decade. Maybe they dont care and are in big decline or maybe it would be too hard or impossible for them to get into the code and fix it.

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15 hours ago, Sergiopoker said:

I play in PPPoker i have not had any bad experience, but could you tell me about those bad endings please

I like PPPoker but sometimes lets say we on a table, and someone has  VIP lvl higher or something or more cash, even tho i think i have a good card i get fcked on the river making the oponent with higher VIP or who spends more in the game win... i have heard a lot about this from other ppl

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On 10/27/2020 at 3:19 PM, Angela Lopes said:

Hello! I'm new to poker! I would like to ask where do you guys play poker? I prefer play on mobile. I've tried pp, bros and rrr. Do you guys have others recommendations? Thanks!!!



Hey Guys! I know you people have been looking for some App/Website that will let you play poker online with real players and not bots. I see there are few apps but they might not fulfill the requirements.

I was looking for a website or an app that I can play poker on. When searching for the same I came across lots of options but they had something or the else lacking in them and I didn’t feel comfortable adapting to that app.

I was looking for something that has a pretty good Interface, Hassle-free transactions, Different payment modes and Customer support in case something gets messed up. These all markers to be checked by a single app was difficult but then I found this app which does not only have Poker but other games as well so you are not limited to one single game on an app. Also this has been promising on all the factors I was worried about. You guys can check this app out and I assure you that this app will definitely be your favorite app.

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I play on poker apps via  those guys. Always up to the latest clubs and unions. Some under the radar poker sites/clubs also are available to me. 


So far X-Poker is quite low on traffick but hopefully it will pick up. Pokerbros was almost the same when released but filled quicker. Even though it has terrible support and marketing and X-Poker pouring quite a lot in marketing.


Also, if your agent, owner does not guarantee for your funds, just change him Most of them are decent guys, but when they are screwed by union or club owner, even if not at fault, they should have enough funds to cover for their players. This is why trust popular brands or guys and i guarantee you will like it better than famous poker sites. 


Also make you feel special having access to private israel or peru games for example.  


TLDR i recommend you PPPoker but all 4 are great compared to shark infested popular sites. On them, i am break even player and on apps i have 20 sessions win streaks, which is insane.

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