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Most times you have beat off/mastubated in a day?

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Back as a teen/early 20's I had some possible record setting days.  The kind where just the wind blowing by makes you horny and the only reason you stop is because you're bleeding.  Even at that point you are like well, how much damage can I do you knowing any more and you might have to take a few days off.  Fuck that I was like the Cal Ripken of yanking.  

I often wonder how many times total it was.  Like 100,000?  I have no clue.  Over my life could I have filled a gallon milk jug and if I did what would I do with it?  Maybe make like 10 gallons of clam chowder, stir it in and feed hundreds of hungry children.  That might be a crime but it would be worth it when they turn it into a tv movie.  

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5 hours ago, Tiger Woods said:

If 80 were alive he’d be like “try 12, you fucking amateurs”


then Lefty would laugh him off the stage

HEs smoking weed anybody else prices dream about right now. i hate him for that lol


its life tilting when he posts what he just got


he still has the best ot pic and headkline ever loool

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There's a few of you with the same avatar, bitches confuse me.


She definitely gets her fair share though.


Answer to the question though is complicated as the girl stroked me twice then I went home and won the bronze, so 3 I guess.

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When i was 15 me and the gf had sex 7 times in one day.  I was dribbling by round 3 and shooting blanks the last few times.  This wasnt even a full day...we got it in before my mother came home from work at 5pm.  So i figure over an 8 hour period.
When i was in my 20s and bragging about that day, i thought i'd try and beat that record.  Wife tapped out after the 3rd session so i only had to beat off 5 times.  I didnt make it.  I literally had a bruised dick for days.   
I can jerk off 3 times on any given day at my old age if I wanted, but I'd rather not have intercourse more than once a week. Too much work

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