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Post flop audit?

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broomo    0

Has there ever been an audit done on ipoker post flop?


The number of times a player makes 3 outrageously poor bets and calls only to hit the 4.5% river is frightening.


Its putting me off the game.


I learned and play the odds for a reason but WillHill is seriously making that learning a waste of time.


Any reason why I'd be a 70+ rated player on every other network but on this, playing the same style I'm rated a 52 donkey?


I'd be delighted if it wasn't passed off as variance. As soon as the turn takes them from a 3/5ths gut shot to a 4/5ths 12% or less river, I know I'm beat.

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PokE_RocK    1

Posted (edited)

It was tested back in 2012 for bad beats and the results were "inconclusive" at best.



A significant bias in the results for dominated hands was detected in samples A and B, which were taken at full ring and 6-max tables from identical stakes over similar time periods. The results shown would occur in both samples due to variance very rarely - approximately once in every 53,500 tests.

There were also significant deviations in favour of the underdog for 'behind hands' in samples A and B.

Also of note was a deviation of 2.27 standard deviations in sample C (where hands were from the same time period as samples A and B but at different stakes).

However, the other tests (including an 11.5 million hand sample over a 5 month time period) all showed results within 2 standard deviations of expectancy.

Due to the results from the tests on samples A and B it cannot be concluded that i-Poker has passed these bad beat tests. However, the bias shown in samples A and B was isolated and not consistent with results from the other samples which showed no bias and it therefore cannot be concluded that i-Poker has outright failed the bad beat test.


More details -> https://www.ispokerrigged.com/is_ipoker_rigged.html

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