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Nice to see CBULF over a 1.00 again.  More insider buying being reported and Candyman predicting a Halt on news for Tuesday’s open in Canada (we are closed Monday for Victoria Day).  Must be some major news report coming out next week... Hopefully the Next acquisition has been finalized and If I had to speculate that Battery testing results may be announced based on Arno being in the lab over the last week.  Have a good weekend everyone 😎

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1 hour ago, skeeze666 said:

Pretty sure OT collectively has 97% of its net worth in tumbling graphite at the moment. 

i managed to get $2k in at the literal peak...$1.45

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i did get fucked on the AMC though. i put in the market order yesterday at $26. little did i know market was closed so it processed this morning at $31 lolol

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Just now, Camzeeee said:

realistically do you think it's possible this shoots into the hundreds? do we have the same momentum behind this as GME?

Yes, it's a very heavily shorted stock. There is some great DD on Reddit. Basically:


3.2 million shareholders confirmed. It's probably closer to 4 million. 

Roughly 450 million shares in existence. Averages out to each shareholder having 120-140 shares. We know it's way more than that. They are saying there's probably over a billion shares out there. So more than double are synthetic shares. When the time comes for the hedge funds to buy back all of these fake shares, or they get margin called, they are completely fucked, and the Mother Of All Short Squeezes will begin. The price will go as high as we want, the retail investors own the float........

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There is a large group of people that think it's realistic that this could be the largest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind. That the share price could hit 5, even 6 figures. AMC100K is a thing. AMC500K is a thing. Crazy I know....

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Just now, skeeze666 said:

I want whatever crack he’s smoking! Lololololl

I know. Trust me I'm optimistic but I'm not crazy. Could this stock go to $1000 a share? Absolutely. The numbers are there. The Volkswagon squeeze was bigger than that with far less favorable numbers. All it takes is everyone holding. There is a giant community dedicated to this, numerous Youtube channels, twitter groups, etc. 


Bottom line is, the hedgies have absolutely dug themselves a hole that they can't get out of unless AMC goes bankrupt, which is completely off the table. The price your seeing now is natural growth, FOMO, some options going into the money, etc. Not a single short has been covered yet. The moon is possible. 

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