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*** The Official Joe Biden Saves America Year #1 Thread***

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Whats crazy to me is the number of people who watch or browse CNN/FOX. No clue what channel Fox news is on my cable, only know where CNN is because its between two channels I watch often. No idea on the other news outlets either or what they even are. CNBC/MSNBC/saw some posts about OAN? Never heard of it. I do watch local news 2-4 times a week and sometimes the world news before Jeopardy starts for a few mins. 


You guys should take your own advice about fake news media and not give it anytime of the day.

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3 minutes ago, B_O_K_E said:

Lakers/Cavs commercial break...


CNN has a show called Cuomo Prime Time on with a lady who is talking about something. Looks to be a rep from PA (Democrat).


Looking for FOX now.


Damn FOXNews all the way on channel 65. I did see like 3 CSPANS while I was browsing for FoxNews.


FoXNEws has a show called Hannity on with some normal looking guy talking about American Jobs and XLPipeline. Will say FoxNews template a little better looking than CNN, much more explanation to on the bar on what they are talking about. 


All bores me to death. ADD hits in a hurry on these stations.


Back to Lakers/Cavs

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2 hours ago, 7HeAdShoTs said:



and meanwhile on cnn homepage.  Reminds me a lot of this thread. Can’t get their mind off trump. 




Bullshit. Trump sat there signing Steven Millers EO's an hour after his inauguration speech. There were many. 

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Thank God this man’s going to save us:


Do you believe, sir, that teachers should return to schools now?



“I believe we should make school classrooms safe and secure for the students,  for the teachers, and for the for the help that’s in the schools maintaining the facilities.  


We need new ventilation systems in those schools. We need new testing for people coming in and out of the classes.


We need testing for teachers as well as students. And we need the capacity. The capacity to know, that in fact the the circumstance in the school is safe snd secure for everyone.   For example: there’s no reason why the clear guidance will be that every school should be thoroughly sanitized. From the lavatories to the hallways. And so this is about making, and none of the school districts that I’m aware of, there may be some...public school districts ,  have insisted that all those pieces be in place. And I might add. The same kind of thing I hope we can do is small businesses and businesses...making sure that they have the capacity to test their workers when they come in. To make sure they have plastic dividers and and and and uh between their booths in their restaurants, etc.  to make sure they can sanitize. So it’s not so much about The idea that teachers aren’t going to work— The teachers I know they want to work. They just want to work in a safe environment and as safe as we can rationally make it, And we can do that, and we should be able to open up every school, kindergarten through eighth grade, if, in fact, we administer these tests.  And it will have the added advantage, I may add, of  putting millions of people back to work. All those mothers and fathers that are home taking care of their children rather than go to work even 
When they can work. They’re not able to do it unless they have the luxury of working distance wise like many of us do, they are not able to do it. And so this is about generating economic growth overall as well.”




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12 hours ago, JB said:


Meh, dont really care. I assume the correct side is "No" on that one. 


What you trying to bet? Maybe Ill give back some of this money i stole from your kinfolk. 



The people that blow my mind are the ones that get home and voluntarily turn on any of those channels. I cant fathom doing that. I watch the news if there is like a major breaking news event or something like that. And even when I do, i flip between them cause I cant stand listening to any of them for long stretches of time. 

 Trump gets acquitted than you have to admit in a single post Itt or the impeachment thread that you’re infatuated with Trump more than any other poster on this forum. (Most of us already know this is true but you try your best to deflect it)

he gets convicted and I’ll never post again in OT. I’ll  ask

wanta to disable my account (if this is even possible)

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7 minutes ago, JB said:

Lol at me being obsessed with him. I didnt even start posting again until he lost the election so I could come win a bunch of brainwashed Trumper money. 


btw, Trump isnt president anymore. Hes rather irrelevant now until the hearing is over. In fact, I havent heard a word hes said or typed in like a week. Its actually refreshing. 


I think hes aquitted too. Republicans in the senate cant go against their base. 


For the sake of the Republican party, I hope hes convicted tho. 

Got it. You acknowledged he’s not president anymore so that’s why I shared the cnn homepage that it took me a second to grab and you were quick to defend them on an impeachment that’s already dead in it’s tracks. Lol.  I do sometimes go to their homepage to see if they’re actually leaving out huge stories. Which they do. 


you respond cause you’re a troll. You get satisfaction out of it. Because it’s clear you love him. This is SOP for all the females on social media that blame Trump for all their problems in life. 

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