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GG POKER No 1 in Rigged Play

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fl1    2

Tournament Bots raking havoc on recreational players and consistently calling big hand raises with junk and getting there! This site is the leader in runner runner quads and straight flushes to rake in recreational money. Poor business model driving players back to other sites - too bad as site has best graphics and gimics, etc.

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jam52633    1

Honestly I feel the same way.  The day I deposit money, I will be up a few buyins, the day after, not so great, then it's a slow downward spiral from there until my next deposit.  I can make money on different sites, but for some reason GG, I always just slowly bleed off my BR.


Now if your going to ask the question what does GG have to gain by rigging the game, it's easy, more profit.  If they have a program set up, where players that are more likely to re-deposit win a little in the short then lose it all. They are making that much more money.


Then you may say well there RNG has been tested by 2 different tester, ya, they are testing the main RNG. What if they have several RNG's, 1. real one and then others that are rigged to extract max money.


I know this sounds crazy.  But honestly is there anyway making money on GG.


I am a losing player in Rush N Cash .01/.02, like come on.  

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