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MLB 2021 Season

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Bauer comparing gay ass baseball hugfests to hockey fights makes me laugh. 

No bro baseball ain’t nothing like hockey. That Cincy dude talking bout how Molina is a real one cmon bro just STFU you guys play a fag sport

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I didn't know there were so many Democrats willing to ignore the social distancing and anti-mask stuff. Remember all the Republicans are supposed to be boycotting MLB.


i think it was 40,000 in attendance of around a 42,000 capacity

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First 320 games:


.299/.384/.500, 49 HR, 18 SB


.307/.382/.563, 68 HR, 20 SB


.300/.346/.504, 47 HR, 5 SB


.250/.332/.473, 54 HR, 77 SB


Griffey Jr.
.286/.353/.451, 40 HR, 38 SB


.319/.405/.548, 58 HR, 85 SB


Acuna Jr.
.283/.372/.545, 84 HR, 63 SB

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5 hours ago, TMLMS13 said:

Would be funny if the umpire said it was intentional and ejected him.

pretty sure Pedro intentionally hit someone while flirting with a perfecto

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5 HR's in the last 3 games.


Fernando Tatis Jr. is the first shortstop ever to homer in 3 straight days at Dodger Stadium. No Dodgers SS has homered in 3 straight games at Dodger Stadium.

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On 4/25/2021 at 12:09 PM, URI_Stunna said:

i'd rather have pablo sandoval pitch than garrett richards. can't they just tell him to go away?

This aged well

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