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***Not Quite Threadworthy May 2021***

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23 hours ago, wantagolf said:

Trump starts Space Force, gets laughed at.  Harris says she's gonna run it, people applaud.  Haha. Can't make this shit up. 

Trump starts space force, laughed at by some and praised by others


Harris says she’s gonna run it and some praise it, others laugh


def sounds made up



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On 5/1/2021 at 12:39 PM, TheSilentBob said:

. As for Andy Griffith, supposedly Aunt Bee was a complete bitch in real life.


My Buddy's Aunt lives/lives in the same town as Andy.  Way out in the hills. Supposedly, Andy doesn't like to wait in line at the General Store and just walks to the front. Everyone hates him, so I'm told.

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