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***Not Quite Threadworthy May 2021***

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On 5/2/2021 at 11:26 PM, Earlybird893 said:

Trump starts space force, laughed at by some and praised by others


Harris says she’s gonna run it and some praise it, others laugh


def sounds made up




It's all about marketing. if Donnie/Pence layed out a better plan or mandate of what it will do it'd have done better. I actually supported the idea a space force for you guys,


The logo being a rip off of Star Trek didn't help either.

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Back in like February I threw a hand full of strawberries in my garden to feed a white rabbit that wanders around the neighborhood. Today I discovered strawberries growing there. I didn’t even know I was growing strawberries 


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10 hours ago, wantagolf said:

Doug coming after Phil


Hey Phil Hhellmuth 


25k hands 200/400 HUNL 2 tables 100 bb


I'll put up a free 1 million dollars if you win.


My $1,000,000 to your $0


Come get some


Loved seeing Phil beat Daniel again. Say what you will, PH has won 5 heads up duels in a row. 

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2 hours ago, time4badbeat said:

Never really understood why husband/wife have to celebrate mother's/father's day for each other

I’m a big fan of showing my wife how much we appreciate her as a mom. I also hate planning things and have a terrible memory.

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