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***Not Quite Threadworthy May 2021***

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8 minutes ago, TMLMS13 said:

The new mobile version sucks. 

Desktop version is infinity times better

Yep. Mobile version. No date and time on posts anymore is all that is really annoying 


mostly for betting

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2 hours ago, wantagolf said:

Has everyone been happy with no Asains this month?  I've kept it pretty white since I know most people don't like anything other than Whites here?

Not happy.  I love all beautiful women, but none more than Asians.  Yes, I have yellow fever.  So what?

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Wow!  I forgot how fucking awesome 90125 is as a complete album.  Feel lucky I got to see them live.  

Man the DJ on the local station is just killing it.  Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder is the tits too.


Good music can just give you the good feels.  Enjoy your weekend motherfukers!  Don't forget why you have Monday off.

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