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***Not Quite Threadworthy July 2021***

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10 minutes ago, kellykip said:

I can deal with pulling the lid off my garbage can and having a rat pop out. it happens. 

that mongoose shows up outside and im not leaving home without armor and a blowtorch

i let my dog out in (lol) my boxers at 12 am? went full low to the ground mode like a cheetrah like .000cm off the ground i knew something was wrong  and then bang attack mode with a fisher cat i thought it was a small bear and ran out like an idiot expexticg to get attacked by a bear my dog joggeg back i scooped it an usain boltd'd


no dog sucks

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Okinawa had/has a bad Habu problem. Our version of a venomous viper. Decades ago, someone had the brilliant idea of bringing mongooses to the island to kill them all. Well turns out they like to fuck instead and kill Habus when they want to and now the island is overrun with these fucking mongooses. URI should drink a jar of this and die.

Habushu: Why is Snake Sake for the Courageous? -


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