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Yes. Yes they did. I had no money lost in that nonsense myself. 

not sure if the grill was included in the payment. Lol

pm donkwood for answers. But It was random and had nothing to do with that douche paying anything. 

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I think some random OTer stepped up and paid off the debt 💸 

I have no idea why! 

Chaz wasn’t gonna pay 💰 people back he wanted to rape people in his 120 degree Las Vegas dungeon (at least dats the word) 

That guy seemed legit crazy I think he ended up gettin arrested for burglary

edit- still have absolutely no idea why people bought him a grizzy in the first place 😂 

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5 hours ago, DONKWOOD said:

9 years. Amazing. What makes you come back after that much time. I’m curious. お願いします. 

post black friday I just left everything to do with poker out of anger/disappointment.   The slow roll out of online poker back here in the states and hopefully Florida sometime soon; I guess I just wanted to check back in to see the forum.  I guess thats my answer 

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6 hours ago, DaVols said:

Anyone know an easy way to remove the membrane from ribs?  I'd cook them every week if that wasn't such a pain in the ass

Use the back of a spoon with ribs at room temperature -  EasyPeasy...



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21 hours ago, cory! said:

Its been awhile!  Did we ever get the money back from the guy in Vegas for the BBQ? 🙂

bbq cc. just woked up with 2 in my pocket. i know i was tryring to buy marijuana seeds 


bbq some olympic dog ribs and a feral cat chicken tenders

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