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Hand review


Hello mates, let's say I'm beginner in online poker. I've got some experience with live games but this online playing is a bit hard for me to reading people. As this is my very first post kindly ask to give me your comments regarding the hand bellow. What do you think about my game & analyze, do you see mistakes?   

Sit & Go (45 players), NLHoldEm, 0.25$
Early stage, blind 10/20, 9th hand, All players stack more or less 1500.
The player from UTG who has 1 call from 9 hands now is raising for first time to 40.
I'm calling with AJo from the button, SB folds, BB is callis. 
Flop: Qc 2d 6d (POT 157)
BB checks, player bet 79 chips. I call, BB fold.
Turn: Qh (POT 315)
Player checks. I bet 315 - he raises 630 - I fold. 

My analyze: 
Pre-flop small raise: Ace with strong kick or small/medium pairs, or suited connectors.
Flop 1/2 pot bet: I though he is trying to steal the pot with something like AK or AT or semi-bluf on flush-draw. There was one more player after me so I decided to call. Here I eliminated he is with Q or set. In that case I believe he should be scared from flush-draw and probably should bet at least pot-size nor 1/2 or even slow-play it. 
Turn: Small bet should be call on flush draw, bigger than pot to risky. Pot-size bet should be worth at all. Even if not in this hand - in general. Re-raised in this situation should means Queen. 

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My thoughts about this hand:

Stacks: 1500 starting = 75BB

Blinds: 10/20


UTG:Bets 2bb,

standard raise, early stage of tournament means quite hard to put the person on a style, loose or tight, which means, be very open minded when putting him on a hand.

You BU, Calls AJo,

Here you need to decide call or 3-Bet, AJo is strong enough to Raise from BU, when deep-stacked in early stages of games I would like to 3-bet small to about 5-7BB with hands like AT,AJ,AQ,AK to balance the times I do it with TT, JJ, QQ, KK,AA. So If I would feel like playing tight early game I would skip 3-bet this kind of hand maybe 50% of the time and simply CALL. So either way is cool I guess.


Flop: Qc 2d 6d

UTG: Bet 1/2 pot,

standard lead bet size on this type of board where you have flushdraw and more.

The information you get from this bet is not so substatial, it could mean whatever like you assumed yourself. But one thing it does say is this; he is willing to put more money in with this hand - at the moment.


You: Calls, which I think is OK but you need to be quite aware of what you want to achieve with it.

As I see it, you can be leading with A-high here, he can have you beat with kicker or pairs or whatever.

But the price is low enough to call one card due to you having position so if he give up on turn, you might get a cheap showdown.


Turn Qh

UTG: Check

I think standard play from UTG here is almost to always check here when he stars with a small bet on flop, if the bet was bigger on flop like pot or so I would be more supised by a check but this Q hitting turn means auto-check for pot-controll in most cases from UTG, he want you to be unaware of his hand and see how you react.


You: Bet PoT.

This is where you loose the hand, by betting pot you tell your opponent that you have a strong hand that is not afraid of a queen. Which means that you say you hold 222, 666, or Q6, or Q2, or something like QT,QJ,QK,QA

No other hand NEED to bet pot to protect it from flushes and straightdraws and Overpocket set-draws.

If you want to bet in this situation you need to figure out the minimum amount he fold to, having a pot of 315 which is 15,75BB is not a super big pot to fight about, you having about 70BB in hand should think that maybe risking half pot is worth an attempt, betting 10% of your stack that is, instead of 20%

But I would say since you called PRE and on FLOP you already started the "loose minimum stratergy" in this hand so you might as well finish it that way until river and just check the turn.


Lets say that river would go out blank, hitting a river 7c

Qc 6d 2d Qh 7c

This river he would likely check without any made pairs so you can check behind and win/split pot with A-high

If he bet it's a quite easy fold everything above half-pot more or less since your hand isnt stronger than beating random hands. But depending on size I do think its easiser to bluff-raise river here than to steal it on turn when he still can have flushdraws and stuff

Hope it helps


Not a very good card

What color is your ACE is my first thought?

If its Diamond its a very big factor. If not you can use these thoughts:

If your opponent has Ace of diamonds, he has you dominated and you need to be careful and also happy if it doesnt drop any more diamonds on later streets.

If your opponent has a Queen, how would you want to navigate the hand?






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