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Tournament poker comeback

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I currently live in ontario canada and ever since the inception of the ontàrio act and only being able to play within this community it has been a tough road. Well it was at the start. I primarily play on 888.ca now under the screen name waverider20.


I started with the migration of my account and neàrly went bust on a 90 dollar bankroll. I was then offered a 10 dollar bonus with 8-5 dollar spin tickets. 

A little back story i use to play for à living under a different name pre black friday but lost my moojoo after that.. And went into retirement for over almost 10 years. I recently became handicapped with walkers and wheelchairs. I needed a way to help provide for my family so started to watch a ton of poker especially Daniel Negreanu videos. To see if i can catch up to the new age of poker.


Now back to the almost bust on migration. Due to watching all these positive videos my game has taken a 360.. I was able to take those 8 spins and grind it to 115 dollar profit and it went from there that was 2.5 weeks ago. Grinding satellites and the odd buyin. I have now gone past 2.4 k in profit and my biggest win came yesterday from a 2 dollar satellite 3 stage into a 10k 109$ buyin pko.. And got 2nd place for 1415$... 

I would like to say thank you Daniel if you read these and all the advice from the rest of the community. I got my moojoo back!

I am sorry for the odd spelling mistake. I use voice to text due to my current issues 

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