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Call or Fold? FTP $300 6max Hand


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Unfortunately I don't have the hand history because I closed out FTP real quick after busting and couldn't get the hand history. But here's the situation:

Frostey raises UTG with an 8k stack at 25/50 to 165. I know he's generally a maniac and we had gone at in in a few hands prior.

I have 68hh with an 8k stack as well and am on the BB.

I defend. Flop comes q98hh a.k.a. GIN FLOP!

I bet out 250, he minraises to 500. I make it 1750 total. He shoves. What now?

I do know that he overplays his hands and this also looks like it could be an overpair as well. And yea if he has two pair, flopped nuts, or even a set, I still got me some outs.

So, fold and still have 6k at 25/50 or call and try to get a humungous stack? 16k at 25/50 is just sick. I'll be above average until about 30-40people left but obviously the downside of calling is being out.


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"I closed out FTP real quick after busting and couldn't get the hand history."...it's clear u did make the call.

Judging from this...its obv u made the call. If I were in your shoes, I would have likely called as well. The original min raise is a little scary, but I think its hard to give him credit for the flush as well. I am thinking he has a hand like AhKx or maybe a flopped set but it doesn't seem likely he has me beat already.

Then again...I'm a donk! LOL

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oooo Ok, I thought U flopped a flooooooosh...I prolly call here cuz I like to gamble, but I think a fold here might be the way to go. I have a problem playing unneccesarily large pots just to get a ton of chips, when small potting away at people is a lot less risky. And you pwn small pot poker. Someone told me menlo coined the phrase "overaccumulating" a.k.a my number 1 enemy. Wow I have bad rambling ADD

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i dont like the weak lead and pop back to 1750 if you're not planning on calling the shove. i think you should have a different line if you don't wanna play for stacks.

not to hijack but what do you guys think about this hand from the same tournament.

p.s. this is the best tourney of the week without a doubt.

Full Tilt Poker Game #2410042721: $40,000 Guarantee (17513050), Table 33 - 140/280 Ante 25 - No Limit Hold'em - 17:31:46 ET - 2007/05/12

Seat 1: PwnedRolledEtc (10,583)

Seat 2: two8off (13,805)

Seat 3: Davidp18 (11,968)

Seat 4: gboro780 (14,183)

Seat 5: Asiandude7 (20,059)

Seat 6: micketymack (15,535)

PwnedRolledEtc antes 25

two8off antes 25

Davidp18 antes 25

gboro780 antes 25

Asiandude7 antes 25

micketymack antes 25

Asiandude7 posts the small blind of 140

micketymack posts the big blind of 280

The button is in seat #4

*** HOLE CARDS ***

Dealt to gboro780 [Ks Ad]

PwnedRolledEtc raises to 777

two8off calls 777

Davidp18 folds

gboro780 raises to 2,678

Asiandude7 folds

micketymack folds

PwnedRolledEtc raises to 10,558, and is all in

two8off raises to 13,780, and is all in

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I fold preflop... but...

I'd flat call the minraise and take the ridiculous price to hit the turn to avoid this situation altogether. I don't know I probably don't lead on the flop either. I don't want to play a huge pot with stacks this deep with 6h8h on this flop, period. You don't really want to ship 160 bbs on this flop with such a vulnerable hand. And like Mattg said, you turned this hand into a complete bluff if you fold... so yeah... I dunno. I think I fold if the only decision to be made was the final one, because of the likelyhood of AhQh, JT (maybe even of hearts), and a set, and my unwillingness to gamble with such deep stacks.

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six handed and deep means this is more like a cash game hand correct? ok. fold preflop. but if i lead (which i wouldnt) i would just call the raise and look to hit. but id more likely c/c as there are a ton of hands that are going to shove on a c/r and force you to fold your hand.

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depends on my reads on the players... i may call ak here only if i want to chip up and go for the glory... or something along those lines, but id venture a guess that it was a good lay down to kk and u woulda got lucky... but then again u never know what some people will put there stacks with in a 6max tournament on fulltilt.

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FYI - you can retrieve hand histories from FTP without having a table up... Go to OPTIONS on the main lobby, then hit HAND HISTORY and click SAVE MY HAND HISTORIES... then in the future all hand histories will be saved as a notebook file as a hard copy on your computer ready for you to access at any time.

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i ended up calling and he flipped over q10dd and obviously the turn and river went brick, brick.

i do think my postflop line could've played better but i definitely wasn't thinking too clearly today after busting out of the New Orleans circuit event in a grand total of 7 hands lol.

I doubt I'll ever fold preflop against the player though.

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