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    Hey everyone! I just wanted to check in and update you guys as to why I haven't been around over the last two years. Now that I finally have some technology that enables me to use my computer, I can get back to communicating with the outside world! 😃🥳 As some of you are aware, I'm a quadriplegic and have a genetic disease that weakens my muscles as I get older. The reason for my absence is that I had a surgery on September 25th 2017, and it was botched, resulting in me staying hospitalized until December 18th 2017. As a result of laying in a bed for three months, the minimal amount of mobility I had left diminished. Since then I'm now 95% bedridden and when I am able to get into my electric wheelchair, it is extremely uncomfortable and I can no longer drive the wheelchair by myself. I am stuck watching YouTube and Netflix all day. I'm hopeful that this new device that lets me control my laptop with my eyes, will enable me to get back to communicating with you all. I hope all is well with everyone! Feel free to contact me even to say hi. (it will give me something to do) 😎 Cheers! -Dizz
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    This is awesome https://www.reddit.com/r/freefolk/comments/bjjjjj/actual_footage_of_the_writers_after_episode_3/
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    Sadly I believe this is true. The whole political shit overall is flat out depressing; Just looking issue to issue and using common sense to make conclusions has no place in a polarized team vs team gangfight. I don't have any brilliant solution or anything, but hope someone smarter than me does, whether it's Dyz or anyone else.
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    UPDATE: 31 Entries so far (25 Paid). $6,200 Prize Pool ($5k based on # currently paid) Will keep reg open until around noon Tomorrow.
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    I'll be playing 75-80% of events, will most likely be max late regging the low events
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    I’m in, will be playing most events
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    UPDATE: We're up to 26 players at the moment. Was hoping to update this weekend, but got a little busy. We have some strong initial interest, we'll leave interest/registration open until Thursday. We're still on the lookout for some more captains, and I'll confirm with Jesse that he can stream the draft. He's also volunteered to stream the FT's... my man! Some people have paid already, thank you! I'll send info to my PayPal or Venmo in PM's or DM's or TM's or... you get the point. I'll be in touch shortly with those that don't have the info. I'm gonna try to link the Interest / Paid List below as an image... if that doesn't work I'll type it up in here... sigh. NJSCOOP INTEREST LIST
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    Shit man. Life is an asshole but it sound like you got it figured out. You at home now and able to do your thing?
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    Good to hear from you man. Watching YouTube and Netflix all day sounds like the average OT'er.

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