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  1. ^^^this is a great point
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  2. https://reason.com/2019/05/29/dissenting-from-a-decision-blocking-a-retaliatory-arrest-claim-neil-gorsuch-notes-that-almost-anyone-can-be-arrested-for-something/ How can you not love this guy? He's better at protecting civil liberties than the so called "liberal" justices.
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  3. I just like watching the Dem outrage for Trump policies that were also carried out under Obama or were advocated for by leading Dems in the past.
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  4. Oh wow, i like the laughing emoji reaction thingy on the new version of this website.
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  5. I'd be sad if I were you too. The fact that you haven't committed suicide yet is one of the greatest feats of self control in human history. Kudos to you, sir.
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  6. Come at me bro. Bottomline is I'm right and you are wrong. I do remember long ago when you loved Venezuela and though Chavez was edgy cool and you thought Obama was not a socialist who was bent on destroying America eventhough he had some fucked up slogan about fundamentally changing the country or some shit. Obama was one of the most corrupt and unethical Presidents we've ever had and that's a fact and you still support him. That's fucked up man. Are you worried about the rumor that someone has all of the missing Clinton emails? I am loving this Barr investigation into the origins of the Russia Trump investigation. If you can't see how messed up that was, I can't help you. Have some morning coffee with RT2 and gobble up all the fake news. But above all remember the ends justifies the means and Trump must go. IMPEACH! AT ANY COST.
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  7. I just get excited when people take my -3250 moneyline bets your screename could be illneverpaygofuckyoursef and I would probably still find a way to talk myself into accepting the action
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  8. i chat with kowboy all the time. he has seen donkwood in action at the tables, phillipeens if i recall. donkwood is a master at the long game. i do warn you, if you send him hand history it takes a few days to get feed back as he is busy with tomorrow. he always gets back to me though. most times its just pictures of a finger on a beach.
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  9. Hi Sandy, We dont really do poker advice in this forum. We are more of a life coaching self help group. We inspire each other and reinforce positive change through compassionate and patient dialogue. PM Donkwood if you have any further questions.
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  10. Alright boys, i've given you all far more attention and entertainment than any of you deserve. In true OT fashion, go fuck yourselves and I hope you all die of AIDS. Until next time, in the immortal words of the great American philosopher, Jerry Springer, take care of yourselves...and each other.
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