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    Love them or hate them, Zep, the Stones, and the Beatles have the greatest catalogues in rock music and it’s not disputable. As far as convincing OP to listen to them, I think that’s a waste of time. If you’ve already sampled them and it wasn’t to your liking, fine, move on to the next thing. Just because they helped build rock n roll and are all time greats doesn’t mean you have to like them. Enjoy what you want but please realize any case you want to make against them has no chance.
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    I was best friends with Chelsea from 4th-6th grades...
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    You could try posting in the 888 Support thread here on P5's. Last post from a rep was on the 24th Sep so, it's still active from what I can tell
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    Here ya go. Just in time for the holidays.
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    Fixed. We are dealing with a site here on its deathbed.
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    Die OP. Lurker awaaayyyyy!
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    Last day of work tomorrow before I move back into retirement. Also moving to a new place for ~$300/mo. Time to have some fun. Excited.
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    Like seeing these old threads simce I wasn't around then-- an OT's not-so-greatest hits collection if you will... Never been a Zepplin fan, for the record.
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    lol it basically means nothing, don’t worry. Read about the changes here. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT210200
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    So far today’s been great! Introduced my dog to my friend’s dogs and they get along great 🙂 So now we’re all hanging out watching the Arkansas/Texas A&M game. Good day! Gonna take my mom to dinner tonight at a nice steakhouse. Life is good 💜
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