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    The newest Rambo is awfully horribly awesome. He pulls out a dudes collarbone!!!!
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    Lakers showed they had serious problems in the Portland series. But they refuse to adjust. Maybe going down 2-0 will get frank to not play Markieff Morris. good thing Rondo came back so he can tank the whole series. How do you play that guy over Caruso
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    So you asked why it wasn't mainstream news, without checking the mainstream news first?
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    Tinfoil is for flat earthers, lizard people, and Russian collusion. This guy spouting crazier shit than me... Birthing stations/rooms, on Epstein Island... You guys aren’t ready for the truth, I wasn’t. Lin Wood is Sandmann and Rittenhouse’s lawyer, he is one of the top attorneys in the US.
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    Four minutes each side is my standard for playing with titties.
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    Littleze is all about the tinfoil rabbit hole. He’s def a QAnon guy. Love his posts, either way.
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    if that's all you got brother then yeah. been there a buuuunch of times. no regrets.
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    Lee Press on Nails Burn City Grape Ape Toothy Do I need to go on? Wall of Shame in college was real.
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    Butler scored more than the Heat jfc
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    13 points scored in the quarter lmao. That’s so awful.
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    Of all your grilled steaks you’ve posted, that one looks most edible. Good job
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    Imagine passing on Cam Newton and Jameis Winston for $1M so you could give up a fourth-round pick for Nick Foles AND guarantee him $21M only to keep starting Mitchell Trubisky. GM of the Year, Ryan Pace. Bears
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    Grilled up some magic last night to last us during the typhoon
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    The newest one is Rambo meet Taken. It is exactly what you imagine it is.
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    8/8 The rating should be based on my statement "hoax and / or exaggeration". [x] hoax (2pts) This alone is enough to discredit the media after what they put the Sandman through. [x] exaggeration (1pt) Trump has not been proven to be a russian agent. [x] exaggeration (1pt) The media coverage was rampant, bubba milked it, and you're still buying into it, hence your defense that no other stalls had one lol. [x] hoax (1pt) I shouldn't have to explain this one, you're not really this brainwashed right? And lol @ Biden for actually using this stupid comment by Trump as his reason for wanting to join the race or whatever Biden said. [x] exaggeration (1pt) The media coverage was rampant with Kavanaugh being guilty before anything was proven true or false. [x] exaggeration (1pt) The tax returns! The tax returns! The tax returns! Yep, 4 years of that and nothing (yet?), pretty sure that is one of the biggest fucking exaggerations of all time. Look at how you are still hanging onto it like repubs and Hillary's emails. [x] hoax (1pt) That's a lot of words and attempt to spin the truth which is Trump never directly called covid a hoax.
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    It's so stupid that there are even sides in this thing. The kid killed two people, injured a third, and will stand trial for it. His pre-determined guilt or innocence based on political affiliation is yet another sad example of the times that we live in. I think it will be a really interesting case but by the time a decision comes down, none of the people yelling about it now will even care.
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    I just wanna know why They are keeping This from us!
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    I wonder if they will suspend the NBA playoffs for him?
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    Antifa lives matter.
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