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    Target the weak, the scared, and the stupid. Tell them that they are stronger, braver, and smarter for listening to you. Distance them from those who talk sense. Convince them that only you have their best interests at heart. Others want to hold them back and keep them from being happy; even their own family might want to see them fail. Create a common ground and exploit it. Manipulate them through their personal beliefs. Religion is a perfect weapon, as many have experienced lifelong subservience underneath it. Eradicate their doubts through guilt, shame, and fear. Tell them that they will not survive without your help. Free yourself of compassion. Others are your tools, to be used by any means necessary to complete your God-Man Evolution. "The Art of the Con"
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    If Biden loses, its because the democratic party has lost touch with the working class. They have become the party of upper middle class professionals, and spend more time talking about underrepresented minority issues than doing anything about them. They continue to talk, and wealth continues to concentrate in the hands of a few on their watch. They talk a lot of shit, but don't back it up and people know this viscerally.
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    Joe didn’t want his kids growing up in a racial jungle. He gave a nice eulogy at his mentor Robert Byrd’s funeral. A KKK Grand Cyclops. Those fucking predators, right Joe? LOL
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    That is hilarious. If Trump wins again, I really hope people look at the media bias and bullshit from the dnc as why. I really hope we don't have to endure 4 more years of bullshit with no self accountability. If Biden wins, I hope the rhetoric of hate takes a moratorium. That the MSM doesn't continue the divisive rhetoric because they are a dying medium and money matters more than truth. My greatest hope is whoever wins will offer substantial leadership to our nation. My greatest fear is the division and politicization of every topic will continue because it gets ratings.
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    going for it was the right move. just didn't get the desired result Hill always seems to get yardage even when everyone knows he's gonna run. how about one of those?
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    lol rumor is he kept calling MT "slant boy" in practice. MT doesn't seem very emotionally stable so that is prob accurate lol
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    The founding fathers were def not perfect. They had to make a lot of compromises to enact an entirely new way of governing. Prior to this, civilized nations lived under monarchies ruled by kings. Their rules laid out the groundwork for citizens to have rights that. O government can infringe upon. You would gladly give that up. I don't know why, but it makes me sad.
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    Yeah, Jkoblyn said to not blame it on COVID, but his handling of it doesn't foster a feeling of leadership. I tried to think of a reason if he lost, but without the pandemic exposing his flaws, I don't think he loses to Biden. I think most on the left, with or without TDS, originally hated Trump because he doesnt fit the mold of who you want as president. He doesn't fit the vision of our best self. SNL skits were hilarious where they would state facts or replay his words and the dems would put their feet up. Like he was so bad he had no chance to win. In reality, he was elected because Clinton didn't inspire either and at least he could shake up the douche and turd system.
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    it was the thing that hurt him most, and he almost got away with 4 years without having to show it; that thing being a major emergency where he would have to show leadership while not being able to control the narrative. and we see how that went
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    I get that. I think a lot is forgiven if he has a moment. Instead it was the same constant media battles. I would have loved if he brought out some experts, concisely summarized an action plan, and fostered hope during March or April when there was so much fear and uncertainty. Instead, like everything else, the pandemic has become politicized. But you know anyone who votes for him just wants another $600 dollars. Those greedy ducks.
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    Skyline hit the spot today. @URI_Stunna this is the best drunk food ever created, change my mind
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    It's obviously not Trump's bubbling personality, his terrific legislative accomplishments, his leadership under the pressure of a pandemic killing his people, his honesty, his families honesty, his associates honesty or his charisma. He cut taxes for gazillionaires and hired a shitload of unqualified Judges. People voting for him are doing so because they are greedy and don't care about anyone else.
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    no chance epstein didn't have dirt on brady
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    black bean burgers, got this meal delivery from purple carrot that were vegan meals. Fried rice with cauliflower, veggies and nuts. Was super spicy and very good. Spaghetti with zucchini noodles, some frozen stuff for when in a time crunch. Pad thai with fried tofu and sweet n sour sauce. Its not bad at all. Just have to be creative
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    Also the big decrease in arizona when they put the mask order in place. Distancing is the biggest key obv. But masks also seem to work just in case. Its like old people that have to have supplemental insurance in case medicare doesnt cover it.
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    I'm starting to think Trump will win. But I dont want to get my hopes up
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    I would not go in a store if I knew that 10% of the customers had covid, period. Doing less when the community prevalence is high is a good idea. None of the public health measures that are recommended are perfect. They each add a layer of protection. The Swiss Cheese Model is a common explanation. Each piece of cheese (aka each method - masks, distancing, ventilation, etc) has holes in it (isn't sufficient to prevent transmission). When you stack a bunch of layers of cheese together, though, you no longer have visible holes. Never coming close to a person means you will never get the virus. But sometimes (when you need groceries) you have to. So people not going out when they have fevers/symptoms helps. So does having fewer people in the store - which decreases the number of close contacts where the virus can spread. Wearing a mask lowers the chances that the close contacts will result in transmission of the virus. Good ventilation in the building dissipates the droplets quicker so they are less likely to make it from one person to another. Spending less time in the store means less cumulative time in a place where transmission could occur. Add them all up and you are pretty safe. There is a theoretical risk of droplets coming in contact with mucous membranes (eyes), resulting in transmission. But this would be like an actively sick person coughing in your face. Like in the hospital. Its incredibly unlikely if you are walking by other asymptomatic people in a store when you are both wearing masks. Nothing is perfect, but not something I would ever worry about.
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    Imagine not understanding the bigger picture and the looming implications this exposes.
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    As I'm out on tbe lake fishing this morning. We even have Trump signs out here.
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    Full moon is the best. Spent $7 buying a good 8 a drink at the bar. Got head in her Audi until I nutted in her mouth. My birthday month is starting off really good lol.
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    Its sad but we are so far past that its never coming back to at least these 3 24 hour news stations. Cable ratings and advertising is what matters. They are basically the WWE.
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    Fuck that. There are plenty of "reality" shows. Let Jersey shore, Kardashians, and American idol be what sells. Have some fu Kong journalistic integrity. The news should espouse the truth, not what people want.
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    please stop tagging me. its like my phone ringing when i just wanted to text.
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    Republicans are assholes and know it and democrats are assholes and don’t even realize it.
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    Had 170 kids here tonight before I said fuck it and turned the lights off.
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    That's your personality talking. Guess what, a lot of people aren't like you. For right and wrong reasons. And I respectfully disagree with your views on the pandemic and TRUMP in general.
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    LOLOOOLLLOOOLLL! that's hilarious!
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    There is no such thing as objective facts anymore. This is why it is so hard to have a discussion. I make decisions based on the information I take in from a variety of sources, my own experiences, my understanding of human nature, and my reasoned and thoughtful analysis. I trust very few, if any, sources. I’m not sure that there are any objective sources of information. It is more a matter of taking in information from many and varied sources, especially conflicting sources and sorting out the info as explained above to reach a reasonable conclusion. This applies to data and studies as well. Both are easily manipulated for the intended purpose of manipulating how people think. I understand you thinking the CDC is unbiased, but it is run by humans who have their own biases and agendas who simply cannot and do not leave their thoughts and beliefs at the workplace door. Finally, yes, my default position is that information put out by any government official or agency is tainted by the beliefs and opinions of human beings. It is naive to think that “government” has different characteristics than the humans who control the government. My proof to you is that you are more likely to believe information put out by a part of the government you like and agree with, while you choose to disbelieve information put out by a government you disagree with.
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    Bruh. This post exposes your utter ignance. FL is the purplest of the purple. Every election here is won or lost by a point or so.
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    I took melatonin gummies during a particularly stressful period a few years ago. I can’t remember what I read that made me stop, but there was a definite drawback that turned me off of them. However, when I did take them, I felt them working. I moved from them to CBD, but ultimately it was changes I made in life that made the most difference. I hated my job as much as one can, and the stress was having a huge negative impact. Finally I said fuck it and took a different position for less money. The changes in my life since then, and the 97% reduction of stress, is worth 3 times the paycut I took.
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    Here's my scary costume...........
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    Am I actually going to be able to relax in the 4th quarter of a Seahawks game? Can Election Night be the same way?
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    I just read an interview with him the other day and he said another season is unlikely, that it’s an expensive show and just didn’t draw the views that they had hoped for.
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