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    She works for We The People. 80 Million of us that voted for Trump.
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    if you still think schools should be closed you are anti-science..
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    The key to a successful date is being stronger than the other person.
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    I think Trump is shit person and a horrible leader. I wasnt really apposed to him winning. I thought he might shake shit up. But he just became a caricature of himself and started to pander to the frindge too much and prooved to be a shit leader and egomanic. I gave him too much credit for thinking he could turn it off the troll after he won. He just turned it up. Thats pretty much my stance.
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    I wasnt following too closely, so I dont know exactly what your point was. I just wanted a reason to post that nonsense lol.
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    This thread sucks. Im actually with a tweet that Matt Glantz (not a fan, dont even follow him) wrote about Biden smearing shit in Trumps face. Not a good look. They didnt like it for 4 years, and now they are doing exactly that. A simple sign of a winner is someone who acts like they have won before. Trump and Biden are clearly not winners. Our political system is clearly losing. Its a pile of shit. I feel like PLUV repeating myself. I need to write a book on the ins and outs of winning. WWTWWD
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    Awww, look who decided to show his head after spending the last 4 years with his tail tucked between his legs after Trump won. Don't worry, your team won; it's safe to come out now.
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    Biden would have probably lost bad if it wasn’t for covid. People didn’t vote for Biden. They voted against Trump. Did Joe Biden even have a campaign? The last 9 months have been a disaster for Trump. That’s why he lost.
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    This is why Joe Biden was a good candidate. People can shit on him and the Democratic Party all they want, but they produced a winner. They went with the safe pick; they went with the status quo. Do Bernie or Warren beat Trump with their platform and the way they would have campaigned and delivered their messages to voters? Now, the Democratic Party should have built up a candidate that felt like a safe bet and known quantity between 2016 and this election. But with the crop of candidates competing in the primary? To win the election? Democrats got it right.
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    Whats funny is when this "hearing" started, the betting line dropped to like 15-1 for about 10 minutes before everyone realized it was BS and the line went back up lol.
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    Lofknl. Its not even judge judy caliber. what in the actual fuck
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    Him in their throwback uniforms is what I picture when I think of Thanksgiving football growing up
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    i'm still hopin the tie is what gets the eagles the division
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    Wasnt psycho sid suppossed to release the kraken on georgia today? Are kemp and that other dude in jail yet? did God help Lin win?
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    This thread is exactly why I tell co-workers that I don't talk about politics or religion. Some people just get too upset if you don't see it the same way as they do. I will talk sports but error with caution on that topic as well. Life is too short to let other people's beliefs get you all worked up. Anyways Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates this particular Holiday. I do wonder what year if ever will people stop losing their lives over politics, religion or race.
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    @SpankyHamm isn’t getting paid until December 15th at the earliest for being such a bitch demanding payouts way too prematurely and trying to call me out on here before a single person in the world was paid. Happy Thanksgiving!
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    It was a choice between this and letting MSM drive the 92% negative narrative and not standing up for himself sending his approval rating into the high 20’s like GWB. Given the alternative, Twitter rants were definitely the way to go.
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    I mean, it was a big *win guys. Celebrate! Don’t be so angry all the time!
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    Don't they punt you over to TurboVote when you use Facebook/Instagram to register? Oh come on, this is silly. Does Trump win in 2016 if Hillary doesn't completely neglect MI and the upper midwest? You can't prove a hypothetical so why even argue it? It's a useless exercise.
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    A trashcan was smacked every time a Trump vote came in so they knew to throw it out.
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    It will certainly be refreshing not to have the Presidents tweets or press conferences make headlines every day.
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    Scored a decent card last night in one of these box breaks......now to decide on whether to flip or sit on it for a while. Never seen the new cards til recently and I'm really liking what I see. I had Dolphins and ended up winning the 3 team random draw. I guess they mail me my real card?
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    you guys need to read into the vegas dave card inflation scam; it’s insane! post the cards, friend buys them like on ebay immediately, then doesn’t pay and they get relisted at that buy now price. people have exposed it w location and names of the “buyer”. it’s VDs friend in hawaii. he’s hyping derek carr bc he’s a fucking dolt.. @my2chis my buddy got into cards transitioning from poker and he’s making bank..u have the means more than him and it’s pretty insane, good luck!
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    hopefully u get a sliver of emoni bates shorts on his signed auto rookie card and can sell it to WAR in in a few yaers when his sister dies and he gets another million
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    @aupoker1 is just mad cause he has to take care of his kid again and uses covid as an excuse to blame his ex wife and her entire family
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    Dont fall for the bait. Even I can see that (cwidt?)
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    You fear unlikely socialism over the concrete fascism that we currently have? In case you want to deny Agent Orange's agenda, let's continue your education: “Fascist politics transforms politics into a battlefield. And in the battlefield … If your leader says false things, it doesn’t matter. He’s trying to win the battle, win the war for you. So that’s the structure. And then you delegitimize the media by connecting them to your opponent, saying it’s one big conspiracy to undermine the nation, and then only you are the savior. Only you can save things. People have to have blind faith in you. And Trump has created that kind of connection between him and his supporters. As far as President Trump is concerned, he has had a clear plan to deny the results of the election, should they fall against him, for many months. He’s been very clear about that plan. It was to use COVID denialism among his supporters to rack up a large lead on Election Day, declare victory on election evening, and then do the tactics that we are now witnessing. That plan didn’t work.” - Jason Stanley, Professor of Philosophy, Yale University And in case you haven't seen it yet, the Great Pumpkin is reportedly on the verge of unleashing a grand mal conniption fit on his entire support base...legal team, voters, and all for (of course) making him look bad and not trying hard enough to derail the legal election process. Rid yourself of this candied yam and do better.
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    All of this. Although, did schools ever even re-open? I assumed everyone was doing virtual.
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    You only say moshi moshi when answering the phone noob
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    PM Donkwood being in china, he has to stream everything illegally
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    San Diego County. 3.3M Peeps San Diego County’s state-calculated, adjusted case rate is currently 10.7 cases per 100,000 residents and the region is in Purple Tier or Tier 1. The testing positivity percentage is 4.3%, placing the County in Tier 3 or the Orange Tier. Seven new community outbreaks were confirmed on Nov. 17: one in an emergency services setting, one in a restaurant/bar setting, two in daycare settings, two in business settings, and one in a grocery setting. In the past seven days (Nov. 11 through Nov. 17), 38 community outbreaks were confirmed. 14,306 tests were reported to the County on Nov. 17, and the percentage of new laboratory-confirmed cases was 6%. The 14-day rolling average percentage of positive cases is 4.7%. Target is less than 8.0%. The 7-day, daily average of tests is 15,648. 922 new cases were confirmed among San Diego County residents on Nov. 17. The region’s total is now 67,241. 4,274 or 6.4% of all cases have required hospitalization. 971 or 1.4% of all cases and 22.7% of hospitalized cases had to be admitted to an intensive care unit. Twelve new deaths were reported in the County on Nov. 17. The region’s total is now 945. Seven women and five men died between Nov. 5 and Nov. 17. Their ages ranged from late 50s to mid-90s. All had underlying medical conditions. Seminole County Florida 486K peeps http://seminolegis.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/b2c25af87b9e460281ab0f160129d6ab
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    oh but first, assault their voting rights, rights against discrimination, insist the world that christian white men made and run must be just as accessible for men and non-whites, eliminate rights to request asylum, take away foreign aid to stabilize nations... so they can appreciate the tough love you offer
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    Wow a spot-on Camsy post. Who'd a thunk it? You've shown Trump and this thread as the most important thing you've had going. No one put as much energy into blindly repeating false claims about voting and everything else in here. Then you lose and all the sudden it doesn't matter lol. People who don't care about what's right or true and only care about winning are why we need the regulations you want to trample
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    Los Angeles to shut off water and power to homes hosting large parties or gatherings Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said on Wednesday that he is authorizing the city to shut off utility service to properties where large parties and gatherings are held, CBS Los Angeles reports. Garcetti said that, starting Friday, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power will cut off water and power service in "egregious" cases where unpermitted large parties and gatherings take place. The announcement came hours after City Councilman David Ryu introduced a motion to increase penalties for property owners who hold large house parties in violation of public health orders. It wasn't clear whether Garcetti's announcement was related to that motion. In the motion introduced Wednesday, Ryu said property owners who skirt building and safety rules or city laws, such as the Los Angeles party house ordinance, are in violation of COVID-19 public health orders and the city's party house ordinance, which became law in 2018. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/los-angeles-shut-off-water-power-houses-hosting-large-parties-gatherings/?fbclid=IwAR10nCLH8qzgjSKnTXIFFf0o8Fn644BcnOfSjxl-_7Sru4WqtZOx8fGX4w8
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    Us intelligence lies all the fucking time... Next you gonna tell me wmds were real. And osama bon laden orchestrated 911 from a fancy cave in Afghanistan.

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