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    I think Ed should give us some more hot takes. Mother fucker is the President of Wrongville. You could say it’s his emmo.
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    Modus Operandi. Not some little shaking baby toy. Tickle me emmo. Haha
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    This is common knowledge but they will never admit it.
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    Neeek, Trump would have won if the swing states followed their own election law. He ended up way closer than the pools had him. Even with the aweful absentee unsolicited voting and Harvesting
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    Ive never loved a player more. I hate you for making me sad Stopper.
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    'and now, remote from his basement in staten island, Asylum Records recording artist Vito Bratta'
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    Booked. (Out of reactions) @truesyalose can choose o/u if he wants it. Gonna need to close this for Trues. Will take the action until 6:50pm eastern.
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    The guys in front of him were moving to his left with the receiver. Rodgers had nothing but daylight diagonally to his right. I think he scores. At the very least he gets damn close.
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    nah man, these game decisions are just a slight fraction of what a coach does. remember?
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    I feel like I could be an nfl head coach after watching the last 5 minutes.
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    200. just kicked off touchback
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    I said a couple years back that any team Brady goes to would be an instant super bowl contender and he laughed at me.
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    Tampa should have called timeout - they didn't. Green Bay should have called timeout. They didn't. No one should have called timeout. Tampa did.
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    Brady doesnt miss those TDs there. Pull it together Rodgers
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    lol, no. It's M.O, short for modus operandi, Latin for way of operating.
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    Green Bay is going to score right here and never look back.
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    I'll take this too for 50
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    Booked for 50 more (Bills ML 100/150 total)
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    What kind of magic has Andy cooked up for us tonight? Let's fucking GOOOOO!!!
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    Ok booked. Still open on TB/GB Over 53 ($25)
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    @ryhenicee sending dfs for 300. lmk if u want different amount
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    jkob inspired me. Sadly forgot breakfast meat on my shopping list yesterday, so I went with red onion, tomato, goat cheese, provolone, and that green chili sauce. Not pictured is the frank hot sauce i dipped it in.
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    Yep. no covid at all he wins imo. he still could of and probably should have won with covid, but hes a narcissistic asshole who has no idea how to even pretend to care, so he lost. Even a lot of the people ready for someone like him to be president still wanted someone to at least pretend to lead in a crisis. i think there is some validity at least to the process used for some of the mail in ballots, but it was a once in a lifetime pandemic. Rules needed to be changed. That can be figured out before the next election.
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    This. They clearly got a guy who looks like Negreanu and are trying to fool people.
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    If you make 400k in ine day... the wife should give you a little wiggle room to be ridiculous lol
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    nah absurd is im sitting up at 1:30am watching a replay of a Charli XCX concert at Pier 17 on NYC public access tv. what the fuck is wrong with me. she has a great ass and is wearing something super tight so i keep leaving it on even tho im barely listening to her awful songs
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    A doctor admitting that he’s arrogant? Give this man a reward!
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    lolll this reminds me of when I have like $200 on black and some dude with $10 on red starts cheering like he just won the world series. Brah... can will chill? Ill pay the tip on your next free beer if you relax.
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    Trump being a narcissistic egomaniac asshole is the reason Trump lost. But yeah, blame covid if it makes you sleep at night.
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    The same thing happened with the soldiers killed and flag draped coffins when Obama took over. Journalism is dead.
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    @ryhenicee earlier I quoted some bball games and just realized I never took out the mma you listed. I didn’t add line either was just oversight I left in. confirming here no action on hooker/chandler
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    I have.. Connor -305 Chandler +140 Gl brother
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    Here is what worries me about how we treat covid in future Treating covid cases the same way we do now even when case count is very small and hospitals at regular levels. For example, having all those in contact with positive cases sit out for a set time in professional sports or the working world. We shouldn’t be making players, students and workers stay home from work or school if they were in contact with a positive case regardless of whether they had a vaccine shot or not. We need to treat it like the flu going forward when numbers stabilize and are a minor issue
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    Politicians should also be barred from trading stocks while in office. Only allowed to have broad indices or ETFs
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