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    Haha, awesome ! My favorite part of shipping you guys money every month .. is the notifications when my wife sees and is like hmmm, you sure do send Kevin a lot of money every month. Is that code for Jennifer or something. Or are you paying child support for a kid you had with some bitch on the side.. i could only wish babe. Unfortunate I lose at all walks of life
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    Let the Madness begin!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets gooooooooooooooooooo
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    So funny story, just settling into bed last night, it’s a little after 11 and phone notification goes off and lights up room. Gf rolls over as I’m looking at phone and says wtf is that? I said “just a PP notification for my @Sweetness777 scrilla “ she lets a sigh and says “ I don’t even wanna know what that means” 😂😂
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    oh 9+ months after people who paid attention brought up what Cuomo was doing.. 9+ months of him being praised by the mainstream media, "writing" a book on successfully defeating the pandemic, and winning an Emmy, one guy did a "pretty scathing piece on him". Oh, I forgot it was also 2-3 months after he was accused by a staffer of sexual harassment. No Cuomo cult though. One person mentioned it 9 months later! Can't believe people act like the media protects Dem politicians. John Oliver did a piece!
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    Sounds like she bought in for the first time at like 57k and now shes salty.
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    I was just thinking about these types of contests earlier today. I like these much more than filling out a stupid bracket from start to finish
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    now, don't get me wrong. but you young motherfuckers are old as....well, simply old. i wish you all good luck!
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    Neek assuming you are a doctor. Can you assist in a suicide ? Asking for me after catching up on this thread.
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    The pro-Israel party wants to harm jews. Got it!
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    First few times you look and feel like a retard. But stick it out. Even with terrible flexibility, you'll notice results fairly quickly. Each time you do it, you'll find you get deeper in a stretch. If something doesn't feel right, don't push it; just find some comfort in discomfort, hold it and breathe.
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    AFAIK the player’s jersey # is just as good as having #1. I’m with BOKE though where it seems like this could be user manipulated and fade over time. The packs we got the other day say they have 25k+ cards of everyone but the rookies (4K cards) and guys with their first TS (12k). Series 2 were only 15k so if this keeps up then series 1 and series 2 should hold value while new editions could be wack. I still haven’t bought any series 1 or special cards, just trying to find guys that are undervalued. Had a Giannis the other day I thought I had purchased but it never showed up in my account and 2 hours later my money was refunded.
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    Then California State Mandated for 20% Biofuel's Additive - and then Exxon Mobile purchases out GCEH. 🥩
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    First step, off the pink sheets. Next step, $50 burger.
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    you understand that it's not "his supporters" who are the most skeptical, right? The people who are most skeptical get a pass on being skeptical while people like you pretend it's old white people (ya know, "Trump supporters") who refuse to get it. In other news, Florida's governor is being investigated for giving the vaccines to the elderly first. Apparently, the elderly are his "voting bloc" so that's why he gave it to them first. Definitely not b/c they are the most vulnerable. The media treated DeSantis the complete opposite of Cuomo and by all accounts, he's done the best job over the past year.
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    Huh? Why u so angry? I mustve owned u sometime in tge past and then forgot about you.
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    Not sure how you know this for a fact. 4 years from now who knows what will happen . He may or may not run. He might not even be alive in 4 years . And who the POTUS is has very little effect on my life or well being. Outside of the entertainment of the last four years. The far right wearing their stupid hats and flags like hes frickin Lebron. And the far left who blame him for every bad thing in the world. It’s comedy .
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    It used to mean moderates of the GOP, now its politicians who don't blindly support Trump
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    Whiplash was so good.
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    I assume there will be a drop today or tomorrow. Ill post it in here but following the NBA Top Shot on discord is the bestway to get news fast. Getting packs is tough. Real tough.
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    From faucis nuts or just with them?
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    Havent started yet but feel the exact same way. Not flexible at all. And the beginner video looks like it will break me somehow but i am still going to try it. Ive mentioned it to some i know who do yoga and a couple say the exact same thing. Its the best thing ever.
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    The actor imitating a real life person is required, by law, to win the award.
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    You really should just be putting in a certain amount on a daily/weekly/monthly/periodic basis. Consider putting more in after big dips, regardless of price. We're not smart enough to time the market consistently. Additionally, I believe holding your crypto for a year eliminates some tax you're supposed to pay otherwise. It's not much but my coinbase automatically buys $50 worth of BTC and ETH every month. Also, consider buying a sweet coin like Cardano where merely holding + staking it = passive coin earnings. And just to be clear, staking it was very easy.
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    I obviously don’t know the ends and outs of the launch codes and all that stuff. But I’d just assume there are tons of protocols in place where the fucking President can’t just be like “I feel like starting a nuclear war.” Or he’s just in a bad mood and Putin called him a name and he’s on the brink of a mental breakdown and is just like “fuck it, let’s see it all, burn” that’s not actually a thing that can be done. And it almost seems like you’d have to be pretty dumb to not assume that. Like people actually believe he can just pick up a phone and hit a button and nukes are being launched?There’s no fucking way that’s how it actually works.
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    Just watched his two part bio special the other night actually. Not sure how his dad was pulling that tail....
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    Why would Trump not want to tell people he got the vaccine? There are people on both sides of the aisle who are skeptical of it. Democratic and Republican leaders across the country got the vaccine, many on camera. It's either Trump just didn't give a shit or he is actively rooting against Biden, even if it costs lives
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    Ive come a long way and been nice to you. Forgive and forget. Im all about your info up in here. If I dont hate you, I dont hate anyone. #Unity
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    I am neither miserable nor did I get what I want. Apart from some free money... thanks trump.
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    No. I only joined Twitter around the new year to follow ps5 stock alerts. Lol cults is really low hanging fruit... sometimes I want to tell people how ridiculous what they said is but I understand they're too far gone that nothing I or anyone else says could ever get through. So I'm not going to put any effort in.
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    Even when you get what you want you're still miserable...
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    You make some very good points. I can now see how a post appreciating holding someone accountable regardless of their name or the letter next to it can be so triggering. Lol cults
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    Pathetic would be always typing CUOMO in all caps and changing my avatar to his picture.
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    John Oliver just did a pretty scathing piece on Cuomo. He didn't pretend not to see it and log off for the weekend. He didn't run through every play in the apologist handbook. He didn't point fingers at anyone else. Because there is no Cuomo cult. It's nice, isn't it?
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    Theres a dapp game being built called KOGS. Its POGS from the 90s. Those milk caps eryone was collecting with the slammers. So this new dapp launches series 1 of KOGS a few months back and it became huge. The og $20 pack resells for $300. They released series 2 a couple months ago and sold thousands of packs for it. Those packs also resell for way more than og cost Now yesterday out of the blue i see a banner on front page of atomichub exchange that says, "KOGS Series 2 booster pack sale starts today. I then rush to the sale and buy loads of packs thinking i can instantly flip them when tge sale stops. But then i hear that the sale is 90 days long. And yep its true. These fools are deluting every og series 2 buyers supply. I got heated and started debated them on telegram. And they say "you should be happy we have to do this in order to scale to the masses. Its all over our website that this sale is for 90 days." So i go to Kogs website and heres what it says right on the top of page. What’s an NFT? Non-fungible tokens are digital assets registered on an unchangeable blockchain. Best of all, no two NFTs are exactly alike. And once we mint a series of KOGs, that’s it. After minting, there’s no changing the content or mintage figures for that series’ NFTs!

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