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  1. Thank God for YouTube vids. I woulda had half my engine apart in my driveway because dodge engineers hate mechanics and don't make shit accessible. One simple YouTube search later and I saved myself probably 2 days of work.
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  2. Always grateful for you running things. In for two entries in each. Payment sent via paypal.
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  3. So far 17 in X pool and 14 in survivor . please ensure you guys do not forget to put in your picks and of course pay before 6am est Thursday morning. Gonna close off the contest then. survivor is 100 percent paid out to winner , X pool is going to be 80/20.. if we have over 30 entrants, I’ll pay 75/25 and 3rd place 50 out of my own. I’ll also cover down on League costs. glgl, best time of year
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  4. I'm guessing stare was his first word.
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  5. LIKE but also...how?!?
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  6. Wordle 269 2/6 🟨🟨🟩⬜🟩 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
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  7. Got my booster in early October, I'm ready for another booster because I've got plans this summer.
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  9. It would be embarrassing to try to calculate how much fettuccine Alfredo I've made for the raccoons. I'll randomly make a pot and put it out there and I'll be scooped up. Their cholesterol must be off the charts.
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  10. I learned how to feed pizza to coyotes…
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  11. They have identified the issue and are still working on it. We should hear something soon.
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  12. Same here. Yet to hit anything but commons in the standard packs. Love my collection of $5 commons.
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