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Dan Tennessee, United States Congrats to Hank Mlekoday on winning the Main Event of the PocketFives live series at Running Aces in Minnesota: http://www.pocketfives.com/articles/hank-mlekoday-wins-pocketfives-main-event-at-running-aces-589436/

Fox Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States

We have a chop, with Hank Mlekoday getting $18,802 and the crystal trophy. Everyone is ready to go home but we will have a more complete write up tomorrow to wrap up the event. Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone who showed up to support P5s and Running Aces.

Fox Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States

We are down to four players but stacks are still deep and we may be here a few more hours. None of our remaining competitors is likely to give up with $25,000 on the line and all four are solid players with significant experience. There have not been any serious chop discussions yet.

Blinds are 20k / 40k with 5.5 million chips in play. If the event runs late enough I won't be here to update and will post the winner tomorrow along with a final wrap up and pictures.

Fox Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States

Day two seating assignments and chip counts are up now at http://foxpoker.com/

Dan Tennessee, United States We had 51 entries for Day 1A and we expect a larger field tomorrow. The players who made it through to day 2 on Sunday, and their chip counts -

Joe Barnard 487,400
Kou Vang 253,300 (one of our local pros)
Hank Mlekoday 214,500
John Pierce 157,400
Dan Favreau 151,300
Scott Johnson 148,700
Tony Lazar 142,700
Todd Melander 117,600
Dan Schmidt 115,700
Daniel Buckley 109,800
Adam Dahlin 72,000
Sam Rubin 69,200
Mike Haluptzok 66,000
Erick Wright 63,400
Erick Loehr 60,900
Matt Alexander 54,400
Ryan Anderson 53,700
Jon Marois 44,800
Reg Powell 43,500
John Maas 40,100
Vladimir Revniaga 38,000
Robby Westrom 32,600
John Marlowe 18,000

Fox Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States

The 6max rebuy yesterday was a smashing success, with 77 players, lots of rebuys, and a ton of fun! Today's $100 rebuy should be another great event, and the nightly $175 turbo at 6:30 is gaining steam.

An article here on P5s covers the last few days -


and a blog post from Fox talks about sponsors and how the event has gone so far -


Pocket Fives tour shirts have also arrived, and busting Fox in an event earns you an official Pocket Fives Poker Tour shirt from Blind Squirrel Apparel!

Dan Tennessee, United States Here's the latest on the ongoing PocketFives Live Event at Running Aces in Minnesota. We had a big Pro Bounty event yesterday and the $750 Main Event starts this Friday! http://www.pocketfives.com/articles/bounties-bounties-everywhere-at-pocketfives-running-aces-live-event-589403/

Fox Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States

A nice crowd showed up for the $300 buy-in Celebrity Bounty event today, bringing first place up to $6,349. The first bounty busted was Danielle 'dmoongirl' Anderson, pro at Ultimate Poker and star of the online poker documentary Bet Raise Fold.

Each bounty package included -

A pair of Blue Shark Optics, the best poker glasses on earth, valued at $140 each. Check them out at bluesharkoptics.com and tell them you heard about them on pocket fives.

A pocket fives logo t shirt

A signed copy of my book - No Limits: The fundamentals of No-Limit Holdem

A DVD of Bet Raise Fold, signed by Danielle

A gift bag from Ultimate Poker including drawstring mini-backpack, a logo deck of cards, a card protector, and a t shirt

A Running Aces t shirt with their amazing structure on the back

Bounty packages were awarded for busting any of our celebrities. Along with Danielle, Kou Vang, John 'GStacks' Hayes, and I, served as bounties. The event has been a ton of fun so far, though I am now out as well. Kou and Johnny are both still fighting as the hordes try to bring them down and claim their bounties.

Tomorrow the schedule is full, with the Senior Poker Tour event at 10 am, the $300 PLO at noon, $150 LIPS Ladies event at 3 pm and the nightly double stack turbo at 6:30. Should be a huge day!

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Fox Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States

Our only event yesterday was the nightly $175 Turbo Deep Stack. The event was won by Peixin Liu, a twin cities local who has burst on to the tournament scene with over $100,000 in tournament winnings in the last 14 months. Liu took home $2,643 for the win.

Fox Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States

The first tour events yesterday were a ton of fun! The noon Deep Stack event played out last night rather than returning for day two, with local Minnesota pro and member of "The Crew" Tony Lazar winning first place points after a chop that included at least $2,800 for each of five players.


Dan: Here's a recap of what happened on the first day and a preview of a few of the bigger events: http://www.pocketfives.com/articles/pocketfives-live-event-at-running-aces-kicks-off-tony-lazar-wins-event-1-589389/

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Dan Tennessee, United States And it begins!

Fox Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States

The first ever Pocket Fives Poker Tour series starts in two days! Mark your calendars and check out the full schedule at -


Dan Tennessee, United States PocketFives is returning to Running Aces, this time for a 13-day poker festival that begins on April 1 and features a $750 Main Event.

There are a variety of No Limit Hold'em and Omaha tournaments sprinkled in with buy-ins ranging from $50 to $1,100, so there's something for every bankroll and every interest. You'll even find a special Celebrity Bounty event on April 5 that will feature pros like Danielle Anderson, John "JohnnyGStacks" Hayes, Molly Mossey, and Kou Vang.

For more details, call Running Aces at 877-RUN-ACES. Even better, follow us on Twitter under the handles @foxpokerfox, @P5sPT, and @runaces. Here's what you have to look forward to:

Tuesday, April 1
Noon: $350 Super Stack Day 1
4:00pm: $1,100 Heads-Up Day 1A
6:30pm: $175 No Limit Hold'em

Wednesday, April 2
Noon: $350 Super Stack Day 2
4:00pm: $1,100 Heads-Up Day 1B
6:30pm: $175 No Limit Hold'em

Thursday, April 3
Noon: $250 No Limit Hold'em
4:00pm: $1,100 Heads-Up Day 1C
6:30pm: $175 No Limit Hold'em

Friday, April 4
Noon: $250 No Limit Hold'em
4:00pm: $1,100 Heads-Up Day 1D
6:30pm: $175 No Limit Hold'em

Saturday, April 5
Noon: Heads Up Semi-Finals
3:00pm: $300 No Limit Hold'em Celebrity Bounty
6:30pm: $175 No Limit Hold'em

Sunday, April 6
10:00am: $250 Senior Poker Tour
Noon: $300 Pot Limit Omaha
2:00pm: Heads-Up Final Four
3:00pm: $150 LIPS Ladies Event
6:30pm: $175 No Limit Hold'em

Monday, April 7
Noon: $150 No Limit Hold'em
6:30pm: $175 No Limit Hold'em

Tuesday, April 8
Noon: $50 No Limit Hold'em Six-Max Rebuy
6:30pm: $175 No Limit Hold'em

Wednesday, April 9
Noon: $100 No Limit Hold'em Rebuy
6:30pm: $175 No Limit Hold'em

Thursday, April 10
Noon: $300 No Limit Hold'em
6:30pm: $100 Main Event Qualifier

Friday, April 11
Noon: $100 Main Event Qualifier
5:00pm: $750 Main Event Day 1A

Saturday, April 12
2:00pm: $750 Main Event Day 1B
6:30pm: $175 No Limit Hold'em

Sunday, April 13
2:00pm: Main Event Day 2
6:30pm: $175 No Limit Hold'em

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