Podcast Archive - 2008

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Podcast Archive For 2008

Podcast Play Publish Date Description
Rich Muny of the Poker Players Alliance Download Now
Duration: 24:49
Dec 18th, 2008 Rich "TheEngineer" Muny takes time out of his work with the PPA to join us on this week's podcast.
Paul Leggett Reacts to 60 Minutes Story Download Now
Duration: 21:31
Dec 12th, 2008 UB and AP COO Paul Leggett is our feature guest this week, as he discusses the recent 60 Minutes show and the merge to the CEREUS Network. Popular P5er PhiAlphaMTSU is the second guest.
How do the UIGEA Regulations Affect Online Poker? Download Now
Duration: 26:26
Dec 5th, 2008 This week's Podcast features interviews with Professor I. Nelson Rose of www.gamblingandthelaw.com and November Monthly PLB winner Jonathan "TheRookieQQ9" Plens of Canada.
ESPN's Norman Chad Discusses WSOP Download Now
Duration: 29:40
Nov 21st, 2008 This week's podcast features interviews with ESPN's World Series of Poker co-host Norman Chad and Top 10 Online Player Steve 'gboro780' Gross.
UIGEA Regulations Passed Download Now
Duration: 32:02
Nov 12th, 2008 This week's podcast focuses on new UIGEA regulations that are scheduled to be enacted in January 2009. John Pappas of the PPA and Jeff Sandman of the Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative join us.
"SEABEAST" Wins Monthly PLB for October Download Now
Duration: 27:22
Nov 7th, 2008 This week's podcast features Jay "SEABEAST" Kinkade (ranked #27), Monthly PLB winner for October '08, and Jamie Horowitz, Senior Producer of Content Development for ESPN.
WSOP Main Event Final Table Preview Download Now
Duration: 25:15
Oct 30th, 2008 Scott "r_a_y" Montgomery checks in on this week's podcast to talk about the upcoming WSOP final table. Harrahs Sports and Entertainment Director of Communications Seth Palansky is our second guest.
Englishman Chris Moorman: From $100 to Superstardom Download Now
Duration: 25:34
Oct 23rd, 2008 Chris "moorman1" Moorman is our feature guest this week. Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform also joins us.
Jeff "jpapola" Papola wins $477,000 in Aruba Download Now
Duration: 29:11
Oct 18th, 2008 Jeff "jpapola" Papola is on this week's show, fresh off a 3rd place finish in the 2008 Aruba Classic. Jim Waters from the Bluegrass Institute is our second guest.
Carter "ckingusc" King Wins WCOOP Main Event Download Now
Duration: 24:39
Sep 26th, 2008 WCOOP Main Event Winner Carter "ckingusc" King and P5s Live Reporter Court Harrington are our guests this week on the P5s Podcast.
B_O_K_E wins PokerStars Sunday Million Download Now
Duration: 31:41
Sep 19th, 2008 Long time online winner and popular P5er Dan "B_O_K_E" Bokesch is our newest guest on the P5s Podcast.
Televised Poker Download Now
Duration: 23:39
Sep 11th, 2008 3-Time WSOP Bracelet Winner and Poker Entrepreneur Lyle Berman is this week's feature guest on the PocketFives.com Podcast.
The World Championship of Online Poker Download Now
Duration: 25:28
Sep 4th, 2008 Team PokerStars members Chris Moneymaker and Maria "Maridu" Mayrinck are our guests on this week's show.
Wretchy Roll Download Now
Duration: 26:31
Aug 28th, 2008 Popular P5s poster and online tournament star Dan "Wretchy" Martin is our feature guest on this week's podcast.
Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand at a Time Download Now
Duration: 28:24
Aug 21st, 2008 Eric "Rizen" Lynch is back on the podcast this week to talk about his new book, "Winning Poker Tournaments, One Hand at a Time."
The Mad Genius of Poker Download Now
Duration: 30:21
Aug 13th, 2008 Mike "The Mad Genius" Caro is our guest this week on the PocketFives.com Podcast.
WSOP Limit Shootout Champion Download Now
Duration: 26:39
Aug 7th, 2008 WSOP Bracelet Winner and long time P5er Matt "mattg1983" Graham joins us on this week's podcast.
Tough Questions on UB Scandal Download Now
Duration: 24:45
Jul 31st, 2008 UltimateBet COO Paul Leggett talks about the UB superuser scandal and the merge into Cereus.
The WPT Moves to Fox Sports Network Download Now
Duration: 28:58
Jul 24th, 2008 WPT's Mike Sexton joins us this week, along with well-known live tournament reporter Amanda "blondchick20" Leatherman.
Mhrep! Download Now
Duration: 27:59
Jul 17th, 2008 Mark "Dipthrong" Herm, who won the Full Tilt $750k and Bodog $100k last week is our headline guest on this week's show. P5s Live reporter and WSOP Media Event winner Brett "bertminatti" Collson joins us as well as we get back to poker talk on the P5s Podcast.
Where is SCTrojans? Download Now
Duration: 27:49
Jul 10th, 2008 Scott "SCTrojans" Freeman is back on the show this week. WSOP Media Director and Poker Author Nolan Dalla is our second guest.
Annie Duke Talks About UB Scandal Download Now
Duration: 30:54
Jul 3rd, 2008 Annie Duke joins us on the show to discuss her role with UltimateBet.com and answer questions from the community.
Craig "MrCasino" Gray and John Pappas Download Now
Duration: 30:12
Jun 26th, 2008 Top poker player Craig "MrCasino" Gray joins us this week, and Poker Players Alliance Executive Director Jon Pappas is on the show to discuss ongoing efforts toward a more favorable legislative environment for poker in the US.
Hinkle Brothers Top WSOP Headlines Download Now
Duration: 31:21
Jun 18th, 2008 WSOP bracelet winner Grant "drossxyu" Hinkle joins us on this week's podcast.
WSOP in November... Here's Why Download Now
Duration: 32:50
Jun 12th, 2008 Ty Stewart, Director of Marketing, Licensing, and Broadcasting for Harrah's Entertainment, joins us on this week's show to discuss having the WSOP ME Final table in November.
WSOP Kicks Off Download Now
Duration: 27:34
Jun 5th, 2008 PocketFives Celebrity Tony "Bond18" Dunst joins us from Vegas on this week's show.
New Blood in Top 10 Download Now
Duration: 27:20
May 28th, 2008 Top ten online player Phillip "USCPhildo" Collins headlines this week's podcast. PPA representative Lee Rousso also joins to comment on the legal affairs in Washington State.
Charder's Amazing Run Download Now
Duration: 27:48
May 22nd, 2008 Christian "charder" Harder joins us on this week's show, and we have a special guest appearance from Jim Evering, founder of NevadaJacks.net.
ElMastermind Aims For Top 10 Ranking Download Now
Duration: 28:28
May 16th, 2008 Taylor "ElMastermind" McFarland joins us to talk poker in this week's podcast.
WSOP Final Table Rescheduled Download Now
Duration: 30:43
May 8th, 2008 WSOP Communications Director Seth Polansky joins us to talk about the recent changes to the WSOP. P5er CardXFactor also joins us to talk about investing poker winnings.
Lee Joins Joins CardRunners.com as COO Download Now
Duration: 32:37
Apr 30th, 2008 Lee Jones comes back on the podcast to talk about his new role as COO of CardRunners.com.
Ron Paul (R-TX) Makes Special Guest Appearance Download Now
Duration: 26:43
Apr 24th, 2008 Congressman Ron Paul joins us on this week's podcast to discuss legislation related to online poker.
Rep. Robert Wexler (D-FL) Returns As Podcast Guest Download Now
Duration: 25:10
Apr 17th, 2008 US Congressman Robert Wexler (D-FL) joins us to talk about The Skill Game Protection Act.
Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) Download Now
Duration: 26:36
Apr 10th, 2008 US Congressman Barney Frank joins us on this week's podcast to discuss current legislation efforts that affect online poker. Joshua "bbbbb33" Weiser is our second guest.
High Stakes Rebuy Tournaments Download Now
Duration: 26:32
Apr 3rd, 2008 6th-ranked Alex "AJKHoosier1" Kamberis is our special guest on this week's edition of the PocketFives.com Podcast.
Success In Sunday Major Tournaments Download Now
Duration: 30:39
Mar 26th, 2008 Highly-ranked online player Luke "IWEARGOGGLES" Staudenmaier is our guest on this week's podcast.
Heads Up Specialist Download Now
Duration: 26:01
Mar 20th, 2008 Amit "amak316" Makhija is our exclusive guest on this week's podcast.
Jeremy "Chipsteela" Menard Download Now
Duration: 27:32
Mar 12th, 2008 Jeremy "ChipSteela" Menard, a PocketFives.com Triple Crown Winner, highlights this week's podcast.
U.S. Tax Law and how it affects Poker Players Download Now
Duration: 34:33
Mar 6th, 2008 CPA Ann-Margaret Johnston, author of "How to Turn Your Poker Playing Into a Business," joins us to discuss POKER AND TAXES on this week's podcast.
Andy "LuckyChewy" Lichtenberger Download Now
Duration: 27:52
Feb 28th, 2008 Andy "LuckyChewy" Lichtenberger highlights this week's podcast.
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Download Now
Duration: 28:16
Feb 20th, 2008 Matt "All In At 420" Stout is this week's guest.
EPT Champion: Mike "Timex" McDonald Download Now
Duration: 31:39
Feb 13th, 2008 EPT Champion Mike "timex" McDonald is our guest on this week's podcast.
Cmoney3 Comes of Age Download Now
Duration: 29:19
Feb 7th, 2008 Chris "CMoney3" is this week's podcast guest.
Mature and Marketable Download Now
Duration: 30:46
Jan 29th, 2008 Isaac "mr. menlo" Baron, ranked #2 in the world in online poker tournaments, is our guest on this week's podcast.
The Mathematics of Poker Download Now
Duration: 28:28
Jan 22nd, 2008 Two-time WSOP Bracelet Winner Bill Chen joins us for a feature interview on this week's edition of the PocketFives.com Podcast.
Bad Beat Jackpot Winner Becomes Top Pro Download Now
Duration: 27:25
Jan 16th, 2008 CardRunners.com instructor Eric "p3achy_keen" Liu is the feature interview in this week's podcast.
Joe Hachem and RainKhan Download Now
Duration: 29:30
Jan 10th, 2008 Team PokerStars members Joe Hachem and Hevad Khan join us on this week's edition of the PocketFives.com Podcast.