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  1. This could easily be a Euro pro who doesnt play on Merge because they have other options
  2. yea something doesnt smell right here. I would def not want to be sitting at a final table playing for 5 figures with a bunch of unknown random donkeys around me! It wouldnt even be worth playing at that point.
  3. pretty slim edge(against 50%), pot is laying around 43% (if i did it right, did it quick) JTo vs 50% - 45.8% we can agree his range is prob wider than 50% in this spot. so i guessimated this 22+, A2s+, K2s+, Q2s+, J2s+, T5s+, 95s+, 85s+, 74s+, 64s+, 53s+, 43s, A2o+, K5o+, Q7o+, J7o+, T7o+, 98o (53.7%) JTo vs 53.7% - 46.8% if you include all sooooted cards also or 60.4% 22+, A2s+, K2s+, Q2s+, J2s+, T2s+, 92s+, 82s+, 72s+, 62s+, 52s+, 42s+, 32s, A2o+, K5o+, Q7o+, J7o+, T7o+, 97o+, 87o we are at 49% for me this would be a call, even tho it is very very thin against 50% i think we can assume we are going to be on avg 47%ish/coin flippin. with your stack i think you have control even if you lose this pot because it shows that you will call down and for them bitches not to push light on your stack. just my .02
  4. if its anything like the wsop stream you should be able too, i was able to watch it on my iphone this summer when they had the final tables and stuff going on
  5. makes sense. gotta love that, instinct kicking in. thats good to hear youve got it under control, yea i try to only play when im feelin it but ive been grinding MTTs still. Are they having one at Rivers? I'm actually living in Cali right now playing tournaments on the west coast, I'll be back in the burgh for 3 weeks end of Dec into Jan. Hoping Rivers or Meadows has something decents, im sure they will.
  6. Im with ya on that, but then again im a donk online mtter too. when you checked to him on the river what kind of bet would you have 'insta' c/c? or did you radar go off because the bet of $100? aside from him showing 99 and you making the right 'results' fold it sounds like your logic/reasoning/livegamepokerskillz are getting better. I've had a problem with tango'n with the 1 or 2 decent guys at the table instead of just picking apart the remaining donks. how's rivers treating you?
  7. yea i was kinda knockin myself after i raised it to 550 with a limp already in there, he may have flatted and been a whole new fun situation oop :D
  8. thanks for the detailed response, yea if i would have drank 2 redbulls i would have probably shoved it :) hahaha. when i folded he said he did not have a King.
  9. Standard local tournament, 10k stack 20 min lvls. 10 handed Blinds 75/150 Eff stack 10k UTG limps, tight old lady. only plays the nuts. hero UTG +1 raise 550 with JJ (sizing maybe too small?) Folded to the button, local asian dealer, played on hand in a limped pot and he c/r trip 4s on 4d4h2d board in SB. he 3bets to 1450 folded to me i was pending on 4bet callin shove but felt it was too early for that, then again 20 min levels? thoughts? i call POT 3125 Flop Kd9s8s i checked , button bets 2500 i tanked and ended up folding. i know this is horrid horridddd but any advice would be great. trying to get my live game up to speed/par.
  10. ^^ ive been doing something similar to this. i have also started smoking cigs much more than i usually did when i wasnt playing full time but to combat that i have come up with a plan. when you want to have a smoke do atleast 20 push ups/sit ups and dont smoke. then when you want to smoke again do another set and smoke, or dont. and if your doing this on your breaks from tournaments remember to take in a few deep breathes to refocus/calm yourself and get o2 flowing to your body. also jogging/walking in the am everyday is good. not only does it allow you to get some cardio but i think its a great time to analyze your game. if your a live full time player it should be quite easy to replay the last days hands and situations and make sure you are making the correct decisions. you prob wont lose a gazillion pounds but you will feel healthier all around and your mind will be in tune when you sit down at the table. good food is also something ive been lacking in but im also trying to change that by eating a little healthier. fresh fruits for snacks and well balanced meals that give me natural energy and help my brain. remember to keep yourself fueled like you would your car with good grub.
  11. just checked in to the hotel. gonna play the event 1b at 5pm. did anyone play the noon or still in it? how many heads did it get? i guess im here i could go check....
  12. Anybody going to this or live in the area? I'm going up for the first few events and might stay later. http://www.grandsierraresort.com/uploads/casino/casino-floor/poker/pdf/Summer2011POG.pdf [/url]
  13. RIP. thats terrible news. I was able to play in a few tournaments with him and what an excellent guy. thoughts and prays to his fam.
  14. seems a lot of heads at rivers do this....i find the same problem in the tournaments....like zomg i folded 93o and the flop came 999..cool story. not much experience live cash but i can't imagine it not being beatable for someone that knows a bit about the game. if you dont dig it move up to 2/5 ;)
  15. switch to some 4/8 or 5/10 limit for a few days. :)
  16. I'm with ya man. They are like playing mttsngs all days long. If you know your game its pretty easy to transition. Fields at my local are under 100 peeps so i think 200% is def possible.

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