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  1. ACR REP- You on record that payouts aren't going to be affected?
  2. Yeah this is getting ugly...Lock pocker re-run?? Anyone go back to Carbon?
  3. I hear ya fellas they still owe me like 303 from last night. But the guys sound very reassuring. And never really had problems with them so this is weird. Hope it works out
  4. taveras05

    2016 Update

    Very Cool Read!!
  5. So I just got done talking to rep on phone and he said the fees with WU or MG withdrawal are covered? True?
  6. So chat with carbon and ask if withdrawal problems have been resolved they " what problems" haha so insulting I just laughed
  7. Check cleared from BOA collections proc 2/9 in hand 3/30 cleared 5/1 max check with 102.00 fee. Atleast no bounce.
  8. Hey anyone know how to get money on acr tried western but having too many problems with. Any suggestions? Thx
  9. Yeah making move to acr permantly but getting my account verified for payout is annoying as shit! Email then faxes. Merge check still in collections with bank not cleared. OPS should draw tons of new players that don't know what's going on with merge
  10. Acr decent Trent? Surely better than merge besides software
  11. Same here pretty much they told me they pick who gets it
  12. Yeah they really don't care about anything but getting more players for big money Sunday lol joke
  13. Chatted with Carbon and they assure no problems lol who knows with them now. It's almost become pointless to stay on there
  14. I also have BOA. And that's what they told me. Had to fill out form.
  15. Mine will take 6-8 weeks to clear through collections azzura services on my check. I merge no more
  16. And you can actually speak with ppl over the phone on acr so worth checking out

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