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  1. PW3kid sucks PW3kid sucks u gotta take over his spot on the westfield leaderboard
  2. playing aj

    reraise? wtf? how can u ever just 3 bet this raise when your basically all in. I would honestly fold unless you think you have a solid read and your AJ is ahead(in that case i would prob jam it in with blinds at 50/100. Idk maybe im just stupid lol
  3. Mine is to keep a +POS ROI through the whole year on mtts and sngs... O yea, win a guaranteed tourney on both fulltilt and pokerstars..
  4. /agree I know people that use pokerhound 24/7 i think its cheap..learn how to play poker the real way..not listening to some computer telling u hand ranges of other players.. honestly what a joke
  5. Fold or call?

    yea snap that 24/7 then high five monitor when it hold and u ship
  6. never folding this, hold then ship all the chips.
  7. as everyone is saying dont 3 bet just repop your stack all in, since its stupid to fold if u 3 bet more then half your stack in the middle
  8. A rare time when the answer to a question like this is "yes". kk thanks was just trying to log on i guess ill play only just stars this morning
  9. yea it does that for me too.
  10. the slick theme is really nice, btw the timezone was implmented like 2-3 weeks ago.
  11. honstly this really did happen to me about a year and a half ago too. still dont really know why they banned my account, o well that site blows anyway
  12. jam all day, fist pump high five monitor gg! haha ooops nvm guy sucked out
  13. I remember doing one of these for pokerstars about a year ago. just to make sure i also emailed them
  14. honstly if i was even gonna come close to playing this hand, I would of never just raised then fold it. So I would of jammed it all in preflop. dont know what people think about that but raising 5k preflop with a 14k stack with A9c is stupid
  15. if you post the actual HH so i can see ur stack and his exactly would help out more
  16. how is it a easy fold...people in that 3 rebuy are soo bad. honstly idk what i would do. I would prob end up calling. o well gg

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