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  1. apes are fun is m.i.a. bc his love ftp just went balls deep on him!!!
  2. Sorry to all the US players that just moved to Mexico to play on ftp. apes are fun gl with your 40k a week cashout now!
  3. I wonder how and why GUS Hansen would be up 2.6 million this year on full tilt.Only being allowed to cashout 2k per week for 52 weeks is 104k so why bother winning 2.6 million in 4 months unless he can cashout whhatever the fuck he wants like the rest of the full tilt red pro's,and eric seidel slinkking around vegas all smiles until somebody mentions ftp and he fucking turns red and won't say a goddam thing.Im sick of ftp pokers double standard gus ,patrick and phil ivey are up way over 1 million apiece on ftp how are they getting paid doug???????
  4. I receivd my checks on monday April 18th from ftp.THEY BOTH BOUNCED and were drawn on two different accounts that were not seized by the doj,so my guess is full tilt took the oney and ran before the feds came sniffing around their other u.s based accounts. and btw no repsonse at all to my email request to ftp regarding the situation.
  5. 2 checks after black friday from two different banks both were no good.The fucked up thing about this is neither bank was involved in the doj seizures.Which can only mean full tilt knowingly sent out bad checks on accounts with no money.And to add salt the wound ive emailed support and blackcard support 7 times over the last eight days and ive received NOT A SINGLE RESPONSE!!!!!
  6. Doug, I have 3 checks from 3 different banks that are all no good post black friday.ftp email is useless as i only receive automated response from support and no response at all from blackcardsupport. Any of your suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. Took my ftp check received yesterday for deposit this morning and it's no good,came back n.s.f. .......I was hoping for a miracle because it was not listed on indictment...fml owell
  8. flash weakness online with a tiny probe like bet and 70 percent of the time these donks wil repop or shove total air right into your monster
  9. I would go for a weak lead on the turn like 345 into a 1300 chip pot to induce a reraise or shove from the villian,if that move fails and a blank hits the river you can go for a snap check on river then shove any bet he makes.
  10. Request a check or your going to be sorry.
  11. Been getting stroked by full tilt since early febuary for a premium wire that in the past took 4-7 days is now no good at all.these clowns need to get us our money.
  12. Keep up the epic post bro!!!! p.s. ofc i read them man.
  13. i like your score baby goooo!!!
  14. Take a step back are you playing to many tables or hours per day ?In poker as n life one should look to inner soul and decde im going to play for the win or just scrape by,if you say folk it im a tremendous athlete running bad then go for the gold ,if you feel your just a flat donk take a few weeks off read some poker books and try agin later.good lucks cat im out.

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