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  1. made money today but long hours kinda sucks the life out of you ! off to drink beers and wind down ! Agree 100%! have fun!
  2. just bought the StackAndTile software and it really rocks, managed to ship my 2nd tc in 2 days! for all multitabling grinders out there: this is a must! also SAT is genius for laptop users thanks to Iplaytourneys for referring and also support is very quick with replies!
  3. Hi guys, I need $100 on hero poker (tilya100) I have $100 on stars (nur1ck) pm please
  4. Was watching poker on youtube and thought about players that need to get one more win for a tc I know there are 3 or 4 players who have done it, guess it's ept/wpt/wsop mix. I know Elky and Cody have done it. There are few players I know that need to get one more, like Eugene Katchalov, Alex Gomez and Andrey Pateychuk Can't think of other players, there must be quite a lot?
  5. Hey, Just watched the wsop me video where you mostly play vs Moorman. You and Jason Mercier really look alike looool!

  6. I just received an email from them, saying I can't deposit as players from Australia are not allowed to deposit , but they are allowed to play. Pretty strange, so what are the options here?
  7. I will only be playing tourneys, so I'm trying to decide, which site is better. I heard with Carbon you can't get hand histories, but they have more to pick with tourneys. How's customer service at both? What u guys think?
  8. My holdem mangaer HUD won't show up on Pokerfest1, why are they making life difficult, that just sucks!
  9. Thank you guys for your advises. After all these replies, I'm thinking to get a 1x27' monitor for now, plus I have a Syncmaster 2243BW, which is my current one. But I'm not sure If I can set it all up through a laptop without this: http://www.matrox.com/graphics/en/products/gxm/dh2go/ What you guys about this(Samsung S27A350H 27" LED Monitor): http://www.harveynorman.com.au/samsung-s27a350h-27-led-monitor.html yeah mine look similar to them but are 27" and aren't that more expensive. dont have a link for u atm. Samsung S27A350H 27" LED Monitor? http://www.harveynorman.com.au/samsu...d-monitor.html
  10. The monitor is great, but it not free shiping, they actually charge $189 to ship it to Australia. ty neway, Ill try look for it here in Aus!
  11. Hi guys, I'm looking to buy 2x24' monitors as I cannot afford 1x30' monitor and a laptop. I'm not sure If I can set it up as 3 monitors, I mean, is it possible? I'm looking to buy a Dell U2412M,but its a bit pricey, I'm looking for smthg between usd 300-400 http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Dell-U2410-24-inch-Widescreen-Flat-Panel-Monitor-/150752663672?pt=UK_Computing_ComputerComponents_Monitors&hash=item23198f1878#ht_2074wt_1091 Advises and suggestions?
  12. The thing is I have hud showing in other party's toruneys* ty neways
  13. Hi guys, is it only me or everybody else atm that has no hm hud on party's Winter Million?> that suucks
  14. is this a bad fold for some reason i just felt that llantonis9ba check calling all in on the river was strong, i was gunna call the first shove but when he calles too, how often are we ahead there lol, ur taking it 2 serious , players at such levels/stakes can go for all sorts of crazy strange fishy moves. its a good fold though +ev
  15. well, I was just 3 beting to a min, as I didn't want to flat call his open, giving the chance to late pos players to 3b, and at the same time see if orignal opener 4 bets or just calls and plays oop against me. That was basically my thoughts when i light 3b min there, I know I had an option to just call his raise. Is the size of my 3b or I shouldn't almost never 3b there in such an early stage? If he has AK there, how many times a good reg shoves there AI vs my river value bet? I think the best option is to always just call, isn't it obvious that only better hands call him down there? + players try not to overthink similar spots in early stages
  16. http://weaktight.com/4271932 what are your thoughts guys, I'm not sure If It was an easy call/fold there, I put him on 88 or some kind of 67s 65s connector. at that time I have 158 hands on hip with 13 vpip 10 pfr 30 steal and 9.2 3bet Seat 9: kidious23 (6760 in chips) Leqenden: posts small blind 60 strflushtome: posts big blind 120 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to Nur1ck [Kc Jc] Copenhageone is connected deZZZed: raises 120 to 240 Nur1ck: raises 120 to 360 URMYLeNoR: folds wimnl: folds kidious23: folds Mumtum23: folds Leqenden: folds strflushtome: folds deZZZed: calls 120 *** FLOP *** [6c Jd 8h] deZZZed: checks Nur1ck: bets 400 deZZZed: calls 400 *** TURN *** [6c Jd 8h] [Kd] deZZZed: checks Nur1ck: bets 1275 deZZZed: calls 1275 *** RIVER *** [6c Jd 8h Kd] [6h] deZZZed: checks Nur1ck: bets 2755 deZZZed: raises 6733 to 9488 and is all-in Nur1ck: folds Uncalled bet (6733) returned to deZZZed deZZZed collected 9760 from pot deZZZed: doesn't show hand
  17. He had AT here is the result of the hand anyways: http://weaktight.com/4258060

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