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  1. that makes 2 of us locked out. it kept telling me wrong information. when im clearly entering the right stuff. i email them. and am very descriptive. but lets just say its extremely difficult communicating with support at times.
  2. same here paulgees. what the heck. so damn annoying
  3. yea everyone is. it was down since yesterday rumor is
  4. Hey guys i need serious help. im a regular on the merge network/carbon poker. i go by the name of bigmikey22 on the site. I am having a problem where when i go to login and press enter. its not connecting all the way to the full lobby where the games/tables are. nothing is popping up saying wrong password or what not. its just taking me back to the main login screen. my buddy said it was a glitch, that it happened to him and i needed to uninstall carbon poker and then reinstall it. and i should be fine. but i wasnt. it froze my account from too many login tries. i emailed you guys at carbon and they said my acc was frozen b/c of too many failed logins. but i didnt fail to login if that makes any sense. please some one help me out. this is absurd.
  5. I am a regular on the site known as bigmikey22. I was away for the weekend. I tried logging on yesterday and once i would hit enter after typing the password it would say connecting at the top of the screen. But then it would never connect to the main lobby and just go back to the password screen. No messages would come up or anything. i thought maybe it was just a glitch and would exit out of the client and restart it. i did it 3x before it just froze my acc and told me to contact support. i contacted support and asked them to unfreeze my account. They responded quick to my email and did so. But i just tried it again today and its doing the same stupid thing again. Its sooo tilting and frustrating. i also tried uninstalling then reinstalling the program. but nothing. I legitimately have no other ideas. i emailed them again but its going to take atleast 24 hours for them to respond. Does anybody have any input on what i should do. thanks in advance as well.
  6. Have up to 2k Carbon (Bigmikey22) want boa or NS. PM if interested, willing to talk deal, thanks.
  7. is that all? ok ill go try it shortly. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks yj.
  8. Hey guys. i am fairly new with the whole western union process. Im hoping someone can help me out. What do i need when im picking money up from WU for poker? just the mtcn number? or do i need more information?
  9. have up to 4k carbon (bigmikey22) want NS, boa, etc. many successful trades that can be confirmed. pm if interested.
  10. Successful trade with MegaWarrior. Quick and easy! would swap again in future
  11. have up to 3k carbon (bigmikey22) want netspend,boa, etc many successful trades i am able to prove. pm if interested
  12. Hey guys. I just deposited with WU as we speak for Carbon Poker. it processed and was accepted. I was told from other people once you deposited with WU there it would activate and open up the withdraw option for WU as well. i just went to withdraw and WU is not there as an option. Can someone confirm they have the option or help/tell me why its not there. do i have to wait a few days or something for it to appear maybe?
  13. quick question. how does wu work. do i have to go to my wu location first to gather required info? not sure exactly, always used my visa card. thanks again.
  14. no crap, yea? thanks for the input. much appreciated bud!
  15. how do u have the option of that ps? my only option is check. thanks in advance pal
  16. do you have everything verified? i'm pretty sure you need everything verified and need to deposit before you are able to make a p2p transfer. i may be wrong so don't hold me to it.
  17. Have 2k plus Carbon (Bigmikey22) looking for BOA NS Willing to talk to deal. Have many successful trades of which people here can confirm. PM if interested
  18. Have 100-1.5 k on carbon (bigmikey22) want 100-1.5k via Netspend.
  19. Nah didnt have any problems with the checks. cashing mine today. Then again i know the people personally in my check cashing place so they hook it up.
  20. Withdrew X amount of money approximately 22 days ago. approved today. (from carbon) Gl boys and Girls. Good work Carb Reps, keep on improving/good work there.

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