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  1. the benjies are blurry mann
  2. lol come fly here for 500 bucks and see whats up kid
  3. just left bobbys room booked a big win for the kid, swag, bitch.
  4. grrrrrrrrratatahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!1
  5. yeah , you mad cause im god nigga #gggrrrrraaaatataaaaaa
  6. I sharted tonight for the first time in ages Was out for supper and threw my underwear in the trash can HAF
  7. just heard this on cbc radio like some of her music, glglgl
  8. shaved bears are cute lol
  9. Hey gramps? U see the smiley I used ? Us kids use that so that people know we are making a lul Ffs jfc
  10. I don't get it ? What is wrong with my post ?
  11. looooool that guy with the eyes rolling into the back of his head was the sickest ion know what that shit was, but im finna make that one of my go to's the next time I battle somejuan nh
  12. I would bang miss bliss drunk, if mr tuttle gave me a reach around
  13. Lmao did this guy say he was #1 in online poker on his fb? Jajaja
  14. She had super swag back then, check the team jacket and sick snap back #grrrratataaaa
  15. Don't care either way , it I'm pretty sure most of us have made amends Still gotta work on popper and maybe sax , but they'd like me irl imho
  16. Lisa > Kelly > Rhonda > torrie > Jessie immfho
  17. Video in OP doesn't work , so idk what this thread is about Video must be Mexican immfo iifrfc
  18. I wanna Fuck all the girls from saved by the bell , 80s bushes and all Watching Marathon now #fridaynight

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