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  1. I agree I am a euro player and I think FTP are a fucking disgrace!!! and other euro players fuck off about time slots even if your dumb arses win the brawl its god damn play money anyway you cant cash out when they go busto!! FTPdoug WTF do you get paid for?? your a fucking shill fuck you should quit have some fucking balls man!!!
  2. http://gfishoutofwater.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/english-do-you-speak-it-demotivational-poster.jpg
  3. I am not mad I am british we dont get mad we get mildly irritated! first i was just confused cos in England we are not rude to strangers not even online obvs there are a few exceptions but mainly we are polite people, now I am just amused by the whole thing and realize I have been had but thats another thing about we Brits we have a decent scene of humor and the ability to laugh at ourselves so yeah troll away whatever makes you happy!
  4. haha you give enough of a fuck to post 4 pics saying you dont give a fuck errrrrrrrrrrrmmmmm ok bro i believe you!!
  5. alright yeah I get it now, this must be trolling I wont lie I had to look it up(queue the tard,downs etc comments) this is what I found: Trolling To use the internet to start problems, insult, or hurt others. An action that only usually affects the person trolling. Usually a very bored, lonely person with no friends. Or a punk ass kid. I guess this apply's mainly to you Glo4m and can I add probably an inferiority complex developed form having a micro penis and never having had anyone love you not even your own family and certainly never anyone of the opposite sex shame really deep down your probably a nice kid but ffs get a better hobby dude!!
  6. wtf are going on about LOST??? yeah I am lost by all this bs to a harmless post about wsop bets!!
  7. is this funny I dont really think so maybe if you ever find your balls and have a child it too will be downs see how funny you think it is then!!
  8. nice one dude at last one guy with an opinion!! I dont understand all this other BS most be little man syndrome.
  9. haha ok whatever guys I am not crying I just dont get it!! maybe its me??guess 77 against 1 cant be wrong! I see most of you posting here are from the US and yeah without poker I guess you dont have anything better to do than abuse a noob for no reason so enjoy posting your moronic pics I will enjoy playing online while you do, I was thinking this reminds me a school one guy starts to bully the new kid because hes insecure about some shit maybe his uncle abused him or whatever then the rest of you join in so you dont get bullied or so you can feel big well I hope you do I would hate for you to have wasted your free time!! also for those decent folks from the US sorry about the black friday shit hope its worked out soon.
  10. anyone with nothing better to do post your stupid pics bellow
  11. I have just decided to build a bankroll for MTTs starting at $1 I was wondering the same thing I have been trying to bet scare cards like floating the flop with draws on it and betting when they hit and getting called by bottom pair, do they even know what I am trying to rep?? I have heard this play ABC thing alot what does it actually mean like get in cheap flop a hand a just value bet it and fold everything else i am a bit unclear any advise would be appreciated thanks T. also do MTT sngs play the same as MTTs in micro/low limits and is it the same BRM I just wondered as there are not too many MTTs running all the time?? in response to not bluffing in $1 MTTs like at all?? not even semi bluffs?? how is it possible to go about building a big stack??

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