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  1. Surprised nobody has mentioned this yet. Buy any 27" + with a minimum x1400p resolution and you will be good to go for multitabling. You can get them at a price of $350 nowadays.
  2. cmzen1

    zoom cash spot

    http://www.boomplayer.com/en/poker-hands/Boom/8582683_04954B6A49 Hi guys, I have been playing a bit of zoom cash lately, and I find myself in alot of situations like the one above. Is there any way to play this hand differently/better?
  3. Soo... For some reason I decided to have a donk in the 5K FPP LAPT-Chile Main Event Satellite on Stars, and binked it, so I'm considering going to Vina Del Mar now. How much should I expect to pay for 2 weeks there in terms of accomodation and food? Where should I stay and what's the price range for something thats clean but nothing fancy. If you're going for LAPT-Chile or a South American/Local please get in touch with me! Thanks
  4. yeah there was a kid who won 1M when he was underage. PS freezed his account until he was 18.
  5. I highly doubt that they would lose their license in Australia. They'd just pay a fine by whatever body that regulates them IF they found out at the time.
  6. Got a slap on the wrist and got my account reactivated. I was very transparent, polite, and explained that I was only a naive 17yo boy at the time and I barely remember those days...and explained that I moved out of home from parents recently hence diff address and got sent an email saying acc is reactivated. Feel like I just binked a mtt as I was preparing myself to never see the money again lol. Really important to reply in a mature way. I can defs see why they keep ppls money when some ppl get rude and angry about the situation.
  7. Hi Guys, So here is the situation I am in now. PS Security asked for ID proof after I had made a few cashout requests in a short amount of time. So I sent my ID. They approved that, but now they've frozen my account and they're saying that I created my account when I was 17 which is a breach of ToS and asking me for utility bills with address, name. etc. I am 22 now, so that was 5-6 years ago. My current address on my utility bill doesn't match with what I've got on my PS account or my drivers licence because I moved out of home recently. So...what can PS potentially do to me as I have several thousand dollars in funds just sitting there? Does it matter if my address doesnt match? LOL should I kiss my br goodbye?
  8. Don't think you can fold there imo unless he is a fkn rock. Time to flip and build a stack now that you're in the money.
  9. But the thing is, after the HU deal, would you really throw it away for 20k? Guessing Russian idiot was so happy to win $65k already so he didnt give a shit. Rest is poo change lol
  10. Lol I understand enough to know thats def bad advice.
  11. I have been thinking a lot about how to play 20BB stacks lately which I think is a leak which I need to sort out. When should I just 3bet as opposed to 3bet shove? What should be my shoving range (With what kind of variables do I need to consider eg. Stack sizes/aggression level etc?)?
  12. Hey guys, I recently started blogging about poker initially to keep a journal and help keep me motivated about my poker challenge from $30 in January to being able to live off my earnings in poker. But alot of my readers had no interest or understanding in poker and I'd very much like to share ideas and opinions with like minded poker players. So please read and leave a comment. http://zengmeister.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/why-i-play-poker-and-poker.html http://zengmeister.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/gambling-in-productive-society.html
  13. http://zengmeister.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/why-i-play-poker-and-poker.html
  14. Google it. Read any SNG strategy book. Its there.
  15. Going thru a downswing...only thing you can do is play youre best poker and make sure youre br can take it. its the nature of the game to have bad runs...but think long term and have good br discipline. br management is more important than anything. Hope this helps
  16. Raab just play the maths.if u make the right play, in the long term you will be a winner. If you get sucked out dont be disheartened because you want the other players to make mistakes. Also what you think is you getting sucked out may not necessarily be so...you may have a leak and you think youre doing nothing wrong. Do you understand icm? For sngs thats crucial basic knowledge.
  17. I started with $30 grinding $1.50 9mans. slowly moved to $3.50 once BR hit $120 and kept at that level until i had 100 buy ins for $7 until i got to around 700$. I was mtting as well, and was lucky enough to ship the 5.10 hyperturbo for 1.3k. I wasnt winning fast enough in SNGs and i moved to full ring .10/.25 cash and am crushing the game. My BR rule is 100 buy ins which is fairly strict, but this makes certain that i will never lose my roll. Playing cash games 12 tabling also gets FPP faster than SNGs, and i get mtt tickets from the FPP tickets. From these free tickets...I came 3rd in the 27.50 15k which was 'free' for me which was for 2.5k. So my advice is to start off with SNGs, using good BR management, and move to cash games later on, and take the chances with deep runs in MTTs. All in all..this took me 6 months to reach. To be a winning player at poker, you dont have to be the best poker player (the best can be bankrupt...ie stu ungar), but you have to have good discipline with money and be prepared to work hard sometimes for not much money or negative money. And once you hit some success, manage your money well. I learnt it the hard way.
  18. cmzen1

    Setting Goals

    Ive got the same dream here too mate. grinding sngs and win a few mtts, then invest my money in stock, gold and if enough, property
  19. It happens. I won 74o vs AA HU and 69c vs AA vs 88. NO preflop raises. GG. hahaha
  20. Get over it u lost 32$ and u feel like crying?
  21. im expecting a big score from u soon.


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