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  1. make profitable plays and dont get disscouaged
  2. the lead is fine but its a bit small a big bet wld be fine here
  3. this might be a stupid answer but do u have etransfer?
  4. u cld of raised him pre flop maybe he wld have folded pre. getting 100 bbs in oop is kinda gross. when im oop i like to play smaller pot and play big pots in pos. u did get the $ in ahead which was good just a little unlucky he hit his flush
  5. calling with AK is a pretty awful play imo u shd be 3 betting here alot of the time. u let a third player into the pot with who knos what. if u 3 bet here the third player will proly fold lots of his trash. also with ak i wanna see all five cards if u only see 3 u are only seeing 60% of the cards to come. so if u did 3 bet here aq might have raised or shoved and u wld be in a dominating spot after u u2 are all in ak vs aq what ever happens after that is uo to the poker gods
  6. I am unsure if u are playing mtts or cash games. u cld go to twitch and search lex veldhuis and watch him play. u cld also get a membership to a training site to watch vids of people playing tournament poker edge. find some good vids also there is strategy all over the net u can find
  7. i think betting 5 or 6 xing can b alright but u cant rly play a lag style bcas if u do vilians will only go all in if they have it also if uve been playing with a certain villian for a while at the same table they wld or shd recognize u are betting large with good hands and 2.2 xing with trashy hands althought i hav experimented with just open shoving with my monster hand AA KK AK QQ lots of times no 1 will call but sometimes u win a big pot but villians will recognize this quickly. u can try some light 3bets in position see how that works for u even light 4bets. I dont 4 bet light very much but occasion. hope that helps glgl send me another mssg if u like.
  8. if its a $5 rebuy and u get the same amount of chips as started with im blasting alot trying to build a stack. if u get starting chips does the re buy give u 5000?? if not u will just get 2500 id be sending it all in alot pre. raising to a 6x raise isnt good imo because if u hav say AA u cld chase ppl away bcas they think 6X is always a hand snds like if u raised to a normal amount u cld get alot of action bcas pl are just getting it in all the time. All u gotta do is win a 3 or 4 way pot and u will have a nice stack. just my opinion glgl
  9. getting knocked outta a tourny with strong cards and get it in agnst weakers holdings is something every poker player has had this happn over and over.what u need to do is keep making those decisions that get u ahead aganst weaker holding and eventually if u keep getting in ahead u will win some tournys. ust keep playing gr8 glgl
  10. if u did have 17bbs the shove is awful. if its 11.5 i dont kno if u were at a full table with 8 or 9 players if so i believe the shove with 11.5 bbs is not good either. I wld look for another spot. u gotta think of ppl calling your shove u didnt put down the chip stacks of the other players.if u shv A7o any1 whos calling has a bigger ace or a pair. u cld get it in against KQ or something so either u are getting snapped with your hand being dominated or 55% favorite. not many possitives he if it was me im folding.
  11. imo that betting the turn cld be a mistake bcas if u get raised u are in a bad spot uve put in more money that u wld have is u let some1 bet 1st. I wld check call bcuz for 1 u will put in more money that if u just called here. Also I think KJo is a little wide to be opening up from UTG. Although this is a 6 handed table so its not the worst play to raise it pre. imo I think u cld find a better spot to to play from. KJs would be a better opening hand UTG. Now with the turn question u dont have a made hand here and it is a semi bluff. Be prepared to put more money in if u made your hand u cld chase the villian away with a bet say u bet and get raise u kinda dont rly know where u are in the hand. also it wld cost extra to see if your draw comes. In this case I believe that u can check call and try to hit your card and if u dont u are folding. U will save some money if u dont bet these kinda turns and rather check call. glglglglgl
  12. wen u have bottom 2 and straight cards are coming out u have to very careful especially with more that 1 villain in the pot. KQ is a good hand to bluff with there bcas there are alot of outs. Also u are oop for the rest of the hand which rly sux my thinking here is smash the flop hard and if u dont take a passive approach. thats just me tho maybe there will b better answers.
  13. also that QQ hand was played weird wld think after u potted he would just go all in. i hope u are doing better now glglgl
  14. Wow that is deff a crazy hand. The re raise pre is kinda light like i think a call is better bcas if u 3bet and he 4bets your hand is deff wayyy behind. the flop call is ambitious but not the worst ive ever seen i get it call 1 bet to see what happens and he cld just be bluffing. I dont like the river shove the backdoor flush came in and a bunch of other str8 draws although u did win the cheese u cld of forced him to fold a big King i dont think its the worst playt to ripp it in deff aggresive. Deff a crazy hand glglgl
  15. deff fold u put in have your stack with J10o raise to steal thats fine but fold after the re ripp
  16. the check on the turn is proly not the best play u bet he calls on the flop so he will proly call a turn bet. there rly isnt much out there so a K makes sence he cld of had a pair f 4s u block him from having a 7 there is also a str8 draw out there 56 he cld have that but doubtfull so bet the turn build a pot. on the river he might of called a bit more money with his K imo i just think f he has a K how much will he call. Also u cant put him on a 4 rly and the river is just a brick so no str8 that leave a K or a 4 (doubfull) so that leaves he king i think u played it fine on the river it just how much u think u can get from him without chasing him away. played well other than checking the turn glglgl
  17. the 1st hand with Q10 it is light raising with that handutg but not the worst thing ever. After that the call is fine. with tha A7 i am deff folding i dont wanna call off half my stack with A rag. The KQ hand is played fine as is. the guy on the button is proly light im shoving here all day.glglgl
  18. well getting all in with AK gives u the option of seeing all 5 cards if u decide to just flat u only get to see 60% of the hand (just 3 cards) this is where I think the guy with the JJ makes a mistake. its more beneficial for him to see just 3 cards which alot of the time the JJ will be n overpair then he cld ripp it in after the flop and u are forced to fold bcas u didnt connect. I also think getting 100 bbs in hoping that we are flipping isnt a good thing. if he has AA KK QQ u arnt in very good good shape same with the villain if u have AA KK QQ he is fucked. its not the worst thing for u to get it in here but remember that with AK u wanna see all 5 cards not just 3 so flatting isnt what I wld wanna do here. Say u had the JJ u only wanna see 3 card bcas it benifits u bcas its much easier to miss the board with AK y seeing only 3 cards. If there is no ace the JJ cld just get ripped in in the hopes the JJ oesnt run into AA KK QQ. glglgl
  19. i forgot to go over what u shd be reshoving. ace small suited cards are great to 3 bet shove with. like say a guy with 26 bbs in the cutoff position raises to 2.2 bbs if u have 20 bbs down to say 13 bbs u can ripp it in his face ace rag suited card work gr8 for the 3 bet shove. anything less than say 13 bbs and u wont have enough fold equity to push him off his hand so u have weak cards in the middle and most likly get punted from the tournament. wen u have 17 to 22 bbs u shd proly be playing good cards bcas u want to save your chips for re shove so u have fold equity to make the min raiser to fold .obv position matters if u decide to reshove your 20 bbs with Axs he will proly have rly good cards now Axs plays well but not in this senario bcas the villain with have big suited and un suited hands which dominate yours.so position matters alot i wld deff wanna shove on a villain who has 2.2 x raised it from the cutoff or hijack just cuz they cld be stealing the blinds so you ace x suited cards will play well. now it doesnt have to be Axs. u can shove wide with alot of hands. suited connectors ace small. big suited face cards and unsuited. if u have a villain who raises utg +2 and u have QJ u proly dont want to shove. i cant stress it enough about villains raising in early pos utg, utg +2 u dont see alot of ppl raising with weak cards that wld be pushed off a hand after u 3bet shoved. with 13 bbs u can shove over a min raise but if so u wanna have the goods bcas u dont have any fold equity. i hope this make sence and helps u with this topic mssg me if u have questions glglgl
  20. im not 100% sure but that could be how much u wld of made if u didnt get unlucky idk tho. I believe it tells u how u are running if your c won and my c all n are the same u are running pure so like no bad beats or bad calls. at the end of that graph tells u that u were either running bad and or just losing pots so if u were running better the c won would be higher. i believe it works in the opposite way too if u were running very good your c won wld be tied or high than c all won. if you c won is higher than c all in i believe you are running better than expected u kno by getting lucky at times. this cld all be totally wrong if so i hope some1 corrects me glglg
  21. he proly doesnt shove without the flush bcas he wld be curious if u have the flush. yes u wld have emergency outs also
  22. i agree he cant fold this hand ever if im playing his hand as soon as i catch the 6 Im nvr thinking about folding
  23. alot of guys with limp with AA or KK in early position and then raise when it gets back to them. most times that when the flop comes down they are going to check raise u if they have AA or KK but this didnt happen on the flop so is this player just rly weak limper or is he just playing weird. what rayfox111 is saying makes sence
  24. looks to me that u can put rambo on an ace he cant have much else no draws no flush draw no str8 draw other than 32 which he doesnt even play so all thats left is an ace. if he hits the river card like if its a jack u just have to go broke i think u cld of got all the $ in the middle on the river bcas he is just not folding an ace in this spot. think about it by changing places if it was u that had the ace u would not fold either.glgl

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