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  1. 1 ball randers please - let me know how to send.
  2. I'll take 5% slap, PM me with venmo name and ill send over.
  3. KB I'll take a 1 ball shoot me a text and I'll get ya monies. Rip gonna send ya a PM
  4. has anyone done the split to get their BTG? I wasnt as good about keeping my BTC off exchanges at the fork this time around like BCH and would like to go get my BTG as it is over $400 now.
  5. bone, slide on into PM's with Venmo and I'll send. Best bet I've ever lost without a doubt. Will get to you this afternoon.
  6. How are you guys all handling taxes with this stuff? Couple pieces of software in this article: https://greentradertax.com/coin-traders-should-consider-these-two-tax-accounting-solutions/ Wasn't sure if anyone had tried them or if there were any other ones folks suggested.
  7. Oh I'm reallllllllllllly hoping to lose this bet.
  8. Jaybone I'll take the bet. Win/win for me for a $100 for sure. Def rooting for 20k.
  9. So if I sent my BTC from blockchain to bitfinex does that mean id have both btc and bch?
  10. So I sent my BTC to Blockchain but I'm obviously not very smart. Anyway to know if I get BCC or BCH or whatever it is?
  11. So if I keep my BTC in blockchain I'll have access to both BTC and BCC right?
  12. Are we going to hang out this summer in Vegas considering it's been about 5 years or maybe more?
  13. Ya, had 70k still on there when BF hit. Had written this off years ago so is a pretty awesome feeling even if we get pennies on the dollar but sounds like there is a good chance we get kept whole. In the couple months leading up to BF they had limited me to $950 cashouts once a week that's why I had so much stuck on there unfortunately.
  14. This is pretty damn awesome!!
  15. Have a couple bottles left of 120M that are about 3 years old, how long to age is most desirable.
  16. ill take 2.5 but I gotta do Venmo my paypal got shut down for gambling transactions.....
  17. Hey everyone, first wanted to thank all my investors. I'm still in kinda shock I busted Day 1 and am now back at work as I would have never expected that to happen but wanted to give you guys a recap of some of my hands. Had a pretty interesting table draw with three high stakes cash game players directly on my left. Two solid Euro's on my right and a couple tighter older guys on their right with one huge fish on their right. First level I raised 67hh utg+1 to 350 got called in three spots flop was AK5 with two hearts I bet 800 into 1400 and got called by bb who was one of the euro's, turn is a 3 puts a diamond draw out there as well and he checks to me and I bet 1700 he tanks for a while and then calls, river is 7d and he checks i just didnt see him folding a lot of his weak aces at this point so I just checked back and he had KThh so was really happy a heart didnt roll off as I felt my flush draw was pretty disguised. at 150/300 I raised KK to 700 utg, one got flatted by one of the cash game guys on my left and a super tight older guy 3b's to 2k for the first time all day. I decide to flat and cash game guy does as well. Flop is AKT all spades. I check, cash guy checks and old man bets 3k. I call, cash guy folds. Turn is a red 6. I check/call 6k just can't see a lot of value in raising here but maybe I'm wrong. River is the 3s to put four spades out there. I check and he bets 15k. I tank for a bit and really can't see any hands I'm beating and end up folding. Once we came back from dinner break I asked him if he would tell me after the day and he said oh I had pocket aces other guy who was in the hand goes you know there was four to a flush out there and he had no idea that was the case and I really don't think he was lying. So I'm glad the board didnt run out any different or I'm sure I was paying off a river bet. At 150/300/25 I flatted a raise with AJss outta the blind flop came KQ5 with two spades. I check/called a flop bet against the table fish, turn was a blank 7 and I led out and got min raised. I called and river was a J and it went check/check and he had QJ. No clue what he was doing min/raising turn and checking back river but he was the table fish so anything was possible with this guy. So rest of 150/300/25 a lot of my opens were getting 3b by guys on my left. Got thru one light four bet with A2hh but tightened up my range a little bit knowing I'd get some value when I picked up a hand. I did 3b the euro directly on my right a few times and I know he was kind of getting sick of me. We did play one kinda fun hand bvb. He limped i checked my option with T4dd. Flop was A67 two diamonds. He led for 500 I called, turn was a blank Q and he led again for 1025, I made it 2800. Felt he almost never has an ace there and the Q is actually a pretty good card for me. He took like two minutes and called. river was a J and he checked I decided to check back as I thought maybe my read was off and maybe he did have a stronger hand here. He flips over 85o and my T high was good for a decent pot. So I go to dinner break with 32,500 which is still a ton of chips in this tourney for sure. About 30-45 minutes into 200/400/50 the euro on my right loses a pretty big pot to the table fish and is visibly upset like slamming his chips in after his river call and talking to himself. So next hand I've got about 28k and it folds to him and he makes it 1200, I'm next to act on the button and look down at kings and make it 3500, dream spot or so I think. Folds back to him and he takes all his 5k chips which was about 55k and dumps em in the middle. I call actually pretty quickly which I guess could have been a mistake as I shoulda thought about this longer? He rolls over aces and the board runs out ten high. Anyways, keep replaying these hands in my head and I really don't think there was much I would have done differently. I did fold a winner in like a 6k pot at 75/150 where I thought it was close but elected to fold and I was incorrect. Sorry I wasn't able to give more updates in real time planned on doing this recap at end of day on Saturday, but decided to get drunk instead then was flying all day yesterday home. Thanks again!
  18. Main Event Action - Think everyone is booked and paid except Randers who I still need to meet up with out here. Playing Saturday and will be doing updates on Twitter @Cougars4444. Thanks for the investment!! TheBigEarn 1% - Paid Ugain2004 1% - Paid Randers 5% - Cash in Vegas Savvy .5% - Paid CoolHandKev 1% - Paid Trues 1% - Paid WackyJaxon 2% - Paid ripomatic 1% - Paid kmc28 - 1% - Paid freddec - 1% - Paid lvpokerdealer - 1.5% - Paid Camz 1% - Paid Dizz05 2% - Paid PlusToTheEV 1% - Paid Shaaarrrp 1% - Paid
  19. Main Event! Message me with any questions! If you still owe please message me or post if you still want the action. Going to give until end of day 7/1 for payments. Have a few more % open if anyone else wants any let me know. Norcal is out so I'm bound to final table this thing. TheBigEarn 1% - Paid Ugain2004 1% - Paid Randers 5% - Cash in Vegas Savvy .5% - Paid CoolHandKev 1% - Paid Trues 1% - Paid WackyJaxon 2% - Paid ripomatic 1% - Paid kmc28 - 1% - Paid freddec - 1% - Paid lvpokerdealer - 1.5% - Paid Camz 1.5% Dizz05 2% PlusToTheEV 1% - Paid Shaaarrrp 1% - Paid

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